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AFTAH on Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings for gay and lesbian couples

As Blender Herb said when he sent me the link, “it didn’t take long.”

The gay obsessed folks at Americans for Truth Against Homosexuality are unhinged over Disney’s policy change regarding its Fairy Tale Weddings — it will now allow gay and lesbian couples to participate in this program. It’s AFTAH’s Sonja that’s unglued this time, I don’t think The Peter’s weighed in yet.

This is classic wingnuttery — from “Disney’s ‘Fairy Tale Weddings’ for Homosexuals – Ain’t That the Truth“:

So deluded homosexuals may shell out over $8,000 for a wedding planner, feast, flowers and decorations, and a ride in a giant pumpkin, but, at the stroke of midnight, when the mist clears and the last fleck of glitter floats to the ground, the perverted pair will discover ’twas all merely an illusion. Two men or two women may play dress-up in tiaras and tulle and tuxes (respectively), but afterward they will remain immoral in the eyes of God and unmarried in the eyes of man; same-sex pairs can never experience the mystery of becoming “one flesh” nor the miracle of procreation.

As expected, once the knickers are firmly knotted and twisted there is a call to action. It’s quite a magnificent one — avoid Disneyland/Disney World and take the kids to…The Creation Museum (it will open in June, near Cincinnati).

Yes, that’s right, the museum created by Ken Ham, the Australian-born “science” teacher and president of Answers in Genesis (AiG), who will cater to the crowd that believes the earth is 6,000 years old. The site will have a Noah’s Ark exhibit that will show 12 animatronic characters hammering and sawing away while Noah shouts instructions to them.

“The Creation Walk is well under way,” the AiG spokesman says. “The rock is being done right now, where people are going to walk through the whole history of the world from creation through corruption,” he continues, with “the cave of sorrows, then catastrophe, Noah’s ark, Noah’s flood — there’s even a whole section of the ark that’s under construction here to show the size of the ark compared to the original.”

AFTAH says that this museum is where “your kids will learn the Truth about God’s design for human sexuality and marriage.”

You know, the whole “parts fit” argument, citing -Genesis 2:18-25: “Then the LORD God said, ‘It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.’ “

Hat tip, Herb.

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