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The Spin I’m In: Hell Bent For Leather

Peter, Bjorn & John
"Young Folks"

A friend of mine has an all nude Judas Priest cover band,  Nudist Priest. So this year, not surprisingly, they get called to play at the annual neighborhood LeatherFest in Silver Lake. LeatherFest is a street festival filled with mostly really built gay guys with big moustaches in all sorts of leather get ups. The Slave look, the Master look, the Bears, you know the drill. 

Strangely, Nudist Priest gets the gig and the first thing they hear:  NO NUDITY, privates must be covered. That's weird, of all the places right? I saw them a month ago at a rock club…stark naked! Why no nudity?? My friend, who is straight by the way, is incensed. He is going nude anyway. Lots of drama ensues.

Now I'm usually from the school of "Take It Off Anyway", but I must admit I was torn over this one. I mean I bet every leather guy there wanted to show his pierced pipe. This community has had to fight long and hard to wear their bare-assed chaps at a public street fair and no one wanted to see that get ruined by a straight boy.

Well, the band goes on, mostly clothed. …my friend stark naked. The stage manager is now holding up a sign to him,  "Calling the Cops" as he sings "Hot Rockin". Finally, he does put on a rather thin piece of duct-tape over his privates.

Though the duct tape looked more obscene than the dangle, I was actually glad that he  covered up. I would've felt really bad if the "straights" had spoiled the leather boys' party. 

I love to hear The Spin You're In in the comments section.

The Spin I'm In: Hell Bent For Leather






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