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CNN report on "re-orientation" therapy featuring Cohen (again!)

Up on Raw Story is a two-part CNN report  on “Gay Conversion” camps and “reorientation therapy,” and what do you know, here’s Richard Cohen yet again, getting air time. And he’s still demonstrating the whole parts fit BS he did on The Daily Show (sans belching, swearing and stretching). Unfortunately this time they show him with a rube patient who makes him go through his tennis racket therapy.

There are more than 100 “re-orientation therapy” camps established across the country, for the purpose of turning homosexuals intro heterosexuals. 

These highly controversial camps are also big business, with camp owners claiming a 30% “success rate.” Opponents to re-orientation therapy, however, say it is dangerous and sometimes leads to suicide attempts when people feel they have “failed God.”

The report also takes a trek to Focus on the Family’s HQ and talks to ex-gay-for-pay Mike Haley while he is performing at one of Daddy D’s ex-gay roadshows. It’s so ridiculous.

Thankfully Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out is also featured in the report to debunk this nonsense.

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