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Rove Lays an Egg

Students at American University tried to make a citizen's arrest of Karl Rove last night at one of his canned "invitation only" speaches in front of the College Republicans:

Student organizers say they organized the demonstration after compelling evidence that Rove violated an act stipulating that all presidential email be recorded on a White House server. 

You can see the news report here and no, that's not MC Porky rapping the intro.

Looks like Henry Waxman isn't the only one who finds the GWB43 server issue peculiar.  Emptywheel:

Now, as to the scope, just the campaign strategy sessions alone may well be a violation of the Hatch Act–which requires the person behind those sessions to be fired. (Then of course, knowingly leaking classified information to journalists usuallly requires the person to lose their security clearance, which, in Turdblossom's case, would get him fired too, but never mind that.)

But Waxman is looking for any GWB43 emails sent or received by Turdblossom relating to "the use of federal agencies or resourcs to help Republican candidates." Last I checked, DOJ counted as a federal agency. As did GSA. As did the DHS (remember the plane used to chase down Democrats in TX?). So this may well be a large universe of emails.

Regardless of the scope of the transgression, this one may capture the public's imagination because it implies Rove has been able to evade consequences for many of his actions by using illegal servers.  It's nice that the Oversight Committee is poking around here this week, because it looks like the natives are getting restless.  

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