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Late Nite FDL: The Correction


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Wrong-Way Malkin wants us to post a correction.  I know, I know, try to get your jaw off the floor.  It goes a little something like this.

On Monday, Jane posted a photo of Karl Rove that has turned out to be a photoshop of the roly-poly little Caligula carrying a folder with the logo of the company that has been hosting and withholding his illegal off-the-record emails.  The photo was an April Fools joke, apparently, and while the content of the photo had ultimately very little to do with Jane's fine post proclaiming that not even Karl Rove should be able to thumb his greasy nose at the Hatch Act, Michelle is of the impression somehow that the entire contents of the post, nay, the entire Progressive movement has been invalidated.

"Services like storing one's email safely offshore, or perhaps records destruction could be handled in a snap of those porcine little fingers," anti-Rove crusader Jane Hamsher opined bitterly at Firedoglake.

Only guess what?

The photo was an April Fools' weekend prank. And the Rove Derangement Syndrome crowd fell for it hook, line, and sinker.


At least the pathetic bunch at Wonkette has mentioned the ruse. As of 5:00pm Eastern today, Firedoglake was still treating the photo as real.

Well, Michelle, my mother raised me to be polite and accomodating to ladies, and even to people like you, so here it is:


Now, Michelle thinks she knows how to do a correction:

You were had. Can you all swallow and make stand-alone corrections (here is how conservative bloggers make corrections, by the way)?

Well, congratulations, you little genocidal twerp.  You issued ONE CORRECTION of one of your (in fact) less egregious factual failings, but that's only one out of your unbroken 50-month record of lies, distortions, and blazing journalistic cock-ups.  And, what, you want a goddamn cookie for that?  Screw you, my dear.  Screw you sideways.

When, oh, great and powerful Cavewoman, will you be issuing your corrections for claiming that John Kerry shot himself to get a Purple Heart?  Or that Jamil Hussein doesn't exist?  Or that the AP is in bed with Al Queda and is secretly yearning to succumb to Radical Islamic rule and live under sharia law?  

See, maybe we did (for a day) think that was a genuine photo, but unlike you, Michelle, we don't practice the kind of voodoo faux-journalism that the Reich Wing is so fond of.  You know what I mean, where the existence of one photoshopped photo could somehow be construed to clearly indicate a grand, overarching conspiracy that casts suspicion on everything we know to be the truth. 

For instance, the fact that this Rove photo is a fake has absolutely no bearing on whether or not he did or did not maintain a back-channel email account that needs to be released to the Congress, or whether or not he is completely innocent of wrongdoing in the US Attorney firings, or whether he, in fact, is a swell guy who loves babies, kittens, and dandelions in the springtime, and is just vastly misunderstood.

Why, that would be like discovering that one photojournalist changed the color of some smoke in a photo and calling it iron-clad evidence that there's a worldwide global journalistic conspiracy to defraud the American people of the truth about conflict in the Middle East.  Why, only a complete drooling shit-for-brains would do that!

Well, a complete drooling shit-for-brains, and you, Michelle Malkin

But you see, Michelle, it's people like you that remind me what a great nation I live in.  Where else could a minority woman who is (by her own criteria!) a "Drive-By Citizen" become the national spokesmodel for VDARE, the Minutemen, and a whole passel of other shady, violent, racist hate groups?  And where else could such a blazing hypocrite not just make a living at selling out other non-whites and spewing an unending tsunami of lies, half-truths, and racist bile, but become a millionaire, and, somehow, manage to paint herself up as some kind of martyr to the "racist Left"?  And get her own TV show in the process?

What a country! 

UPDATE: Reader Shadowstalker weighs in with some pertinent questions.

Mmm, so we were “had” by a fake picture, eh?

Was it the one that said “Mission Accomplished”?
Was it the one that showed a lovely stroll through an Iraqi marketplace?
Was it any of the ones that showed how strongly our federal government was responding to the devastation in Louisiana?
Was it the ones of the charts showing Iraqi weapons of mass destruction?


Guess you’re right, Michelle, we’ve been had. We should know better than to trust photographs that feature our dear leaders by now.

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