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And They’ll Greet Us With Flowers…


It seems like Sunday in the Park with McCain was rife with wingnut alternate reality.  Glenn Greenwald catches a dilly from Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), who said it was "like a normal outdoor market in Indiana in the summertime."   From Pence's own website:

The merchant almost refused to take my money. He kept touching his heart and shaking his head no. His eyes, like so many others, radiated with affection and appreciation. He wanted to give me the rugs. I insisted that he accept my ten dollars and, happily, he relented.

Just brimming with appreciation?  Er…maybe not:

NPR went to Baghdad's Shorja market after the visit, and spoke with the carpet seller, Ahmed al Krudi: "I didn't accept the money. I said to myself, they must be guests, so I must give them a good impression of Iraqis. After all, we are occuped by these Americans, and they are accompanied by a lot of U.S. security."

Al Krudi says he is angry at the insurgents who bombed the market in February, killing dozens, but he doesn't like the American presence here either:

We are not against the resistance. We are with them. However, the resistance must fight the occupiers, not the Iraqi people. A huge number of U.S. forces came yesterday. Why didn't they shoot at them, instead of harming us?

I think the great untold story of this trip must've been who was holding, because everyone on the Straight Talk Express was clearly snapping bongloads. 

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