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Some Might Call It “Rapture”


John Quiggin over at Crooked Timber has an interesting post about the construction of a wingnut parallel universe at the "Conservapedia" ("We do not allow liberal censorship of conservative facts.") The articles of faith are now so sprawling, so phasmantagorical that their codification has become infinitely complex and it requires more than simple faith to sustain them:

All of this, and the continuing sales of the Left Behind series, lead me to wonder if this construction effort will actually be successful. Maybe with sufficient will, the wished-for universe will be brought into existence, and the entire Bush support base raptured into it.

Of course, this rather tenuous relationship with consensus reality might strike some cynics as having all the hallmarks of a big fat pill habit. 

Which brings us to OxyLimbaugh:

RUSH:  But not only that, (former Republican congressman) Duke Cunningham is in jail.  Patrick Fitzgerald was not fired!  All of these allegations that these attorneys were fired because they're working on corruption cases against Republicans? Carol Lam was a campaign manager! These people would normally be made ambassadors, but Clinton put her in as a US attorney. This is the kind of people that Clintons and Democrats appoint as federal judges. What I was talking about earlier, is their attempt here to insulate Democrats and liberals from election results.  Now, Bush could have gotten rid of this woman when he took office. He chose not to.  The new tone, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  Next up, Russert says, "Senator Leahy, let me ask about a comment Senator Hatch made.  Do you have any shred of evidence that any case was interfered with by the dismissal these eight US attorneys?

Carol Lam, according to  the  communist-infested Wikipedia, was sworn in as US Attorney in 2002, when most conscious individuals acknowledge Bill Clinton was not in fact President.

They may need more than just a wing and a prayer to keep this pig afloat.  

(h/t reader Karen K.) 

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