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Obama can dance, Hillary can babysit

That’s what “the people” said. Chris Bowers of MyDD referenced a recent Time poll that asked a new variation on the question “Who Would You Rather Have a Beer With?” regarding the presidential contenders.

Q21. Which of the presidential candidates would…

A) Make the best high school principal?
Clinton: 20%
Giuliani: 16%
Obama: 14%
McCain: 9%
Gore: 8%
Edwards: 6%
Gingrich: 4%
Romney: 2%
Biden: 1%
Huckabee: 1%
Other / Unsure: 19%

B) Be the best contestant on dancing with the stars:
Clinton: 19%
Obama: 18%
Edwards: 9%
Giuliani: 9%
Gore: 6%
Romney: 2%
Gingrich: 2%
McCain: 1%
Biden: 1%
Other / Unsure: 31%

C) You trust the most to babysit your children or children you know:
Clinton: 21%
Edwards: 12%
McCain: 9%
Obama: 8%
Giuliani: 7%
Gore: 6%
Romney: 6%
Gingrich: 3%
Brownback: 1%
Other / Unsure: 28%

Asking these seemingly ridiculous questions is really an interesting insight into cultural stereotyping, sexism and racism — all irrational, deep-seated thinking that one normally wouldn’t reveal in a direct dry questions like “do you think the country is ready for a black/female/Mormon president?” People reveal their biases passively and easily when faced with real world situations that indirectly get at what are problem areas for candidates.

Look at the old magic dancing negro stereotype popping up — Obama can cut a rug, according to those polled. I assume that Hillary Clinton landed on top in the dance question because Americans have actually seen clips of her at inaugural balls with Bill.

Is it any surprise the only woman in the field is seen by far as the most trustworthy babysitter (more so than John Edwards, who actually has two small children at home)? Obama has two youngsters as well, but apparently America wouldn’t leave their kids with him either, they’d rather let blowhard Tool McCain give them a bottle and put them in the cradle.

I agree with Chris, who said: “I would also like to know what 3% of the population would like to leave their children with Gingrich. That is a truly horrifying proposition.”

It is interesting that Hillary would make a good principal, but that John Edwards better not get anywhere near the principal’s chair — what’s up with that, is this about him being Southern? He seems like he’d be a great principal, certainly better than McPain, who has an anger management problem.

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Pam Spaulding