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When asked his name during his constipatingly staged rap debut,  Karl Rove responded "Peter…Patrick Fitzgerald."  It was an open taunt, an in-your-face jibe at the federal prosecutor who did not bring Rove up on charges in the CIA leak case.  In the wake of Senate and House investigative committees looking for Unka Karl to answer a few questions regarding the firing of the eight US Attorneys, Lambert spots the above Hallmark moment, wherein Rove is seen carrying a "Coptix" brochure:

I guess Karl likes the personal touch when he’s putting White House email out of subpoena range. And this photo is the first hard evidence we have of his personal involvement.

Now, who—you may ask—is Coptix? Let’s review:

Coptix administers’s nameservers. (Rove privatized his email at, in violation of the Presidential Records Act).


So: Karl went out and hired his own, bespoke, politically wired nameserver company. Of course, Karl would never give business to any company that hadn’t sworn fealty to the authoritarian agenda, but I imagine Karl is also getting a level of, erm, personal service that he wouldn’t get from a fiddy-dollar administrator like GoDaddy or Yahoo or whatever. 

Services like storing one's email safely offshore, or perhaps records destruction could be handled in a snap of those porcine little fingers.

Rove is laughing at the notion that he might be subject to the same laws as the little people, standing behind Commander Codpiece and publicly daring someone to hit him.  The sheer arrogance on display is certianly not shocking, but it really does beg for some karma-leveling influence in the universe to knock his block off.

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Jane Hamsher

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