She’s about a mover

All that stuff I said about moving to Santa Barbara this summer, well, you can just forget it.

We’re staying in San Diego.

After much reflection, the bewitching and enterprising mrs tbogg has decided to come home and take a different job here.

This means, in order of importance (to me, at least):

  • The lovely and talented Casey didn’t want us to move because she has pretty much lived her whole live in this house and she said that, when she came home from college (more on college later), she wouldn’t feel like she would be coming “home”. . This won’t stop me from redoing her room and moving the foosball table out of the dining room and into her former room. The Cleavers, we are not. No matter, our staying makes her happy even if she won’t be here.
  • Mrs tbogg missed Pacific Beach and there was no guarantee that we would live close enough to a beach in the SB that we could walk there in less time than it takes to listen to the Ramones recording of California Sun. Coming home makes her happy.
  • My mom (who would be mrs ebogg) likes having her kids near by and even Santa Barbara was too far away. Mom is happy.
  • I won’t have to change jobs which might have required my working for someone who might make me wear pants to work. The horror…the horror…
  • The dogs won’t have to adjust to a new house, which would have been hell on Satchmo who is very set in his ways. Also we keep our vet who we love even though he turned Beckham’s neck green.
  • I didn’t want to move our stuff and rent the house out.
  • I was really dreading telling our housekeeper that we were moving.
  • There are no Rubio’s in Santa Barbara (this was mrs tbogg’s complaint).
  • San Diego has a baseball team, even though I still can’t get tickets for the Red Sox series and I know people.
  • Did I mention that I won’t have to wear pants to work? Pants suck. Hard.

When we bought this house I said it would be the last place I lived.

It looks like that is going to hold and I couldn’t be happier.

(Added) I want to add one more thing that is very important. The hardest thing that the lovely mrs tbogg has had to deal with this past year has been living apart from us, and specifically, apart from her daughter whom she adores. Even though she was here on weekends, it was killing her not being able to be here with Casey during this last year before she leaves for school. They have a lot of catching up to do and only four months to do it. I know that they’ll make the most of it.

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