Thinking about our children’s future

Hugh Hewitt has a book that he’s flogging about Mitt Romney and so it shouldn’t be any surprise that Hewitt, who is a principal at Townhall, turns over some editorial space to young master Taggart Romney who is pleased to tell you why you should vote for his dad. It has something to do with bobbing for anchors, in case you’re interested.

Now I’m sure that Taggart sees a paycheck down the line, just like when dear old dad became the gov:

The Romney for Governor Committee — the official campaign organization of Mitt Romney — kept on rolling last year, even though Romney’s successful gubernatorial campaign had ended. The committee took in just over $1.5 million in contributions in 2003, and spent $821,391.44.

So how did the campaign committee manage to spend $820,000 without a campaign to worry about until November 2006? Well, you gotta spend money to make money. “The cost of fundraising is where most of our money went,” says Alex Dunn, Romney’s deputy chief of staff, who heads the committee.


Salaries: $120,000. This includes about $31,000 for Dunn, $46,500 for finance director Michelle Bernstein, and $20,000 for Taggart Romney, the governor’s son. “He stayed on for a few months to get things in order” after the election, says Dunn. “Just at the beginning of the year, through the transition.” In fact, Taggart received a regular check, for more than $1500 per month, through September — 10 months after the election.

Far be it from me to suggest that Tagg, who is a “Senior Advisor and Surrogate” to the Romney campaign, might still be drawing an allowance from Dad at age 37.

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