30 Mar 2007

New Mexico’s DP bill is dead, as far as we know

New Mexico’s domestic partnership bill is dead. Like the zombies of late-night horror that we recall from childhoods before cable was invented–remember the VHF channel that ran ‘It Came From the Deep’ at 11pm, inviting you to scare the bejesus out of yourself?–it had to be killed three times and

30 Mar 2007

Oversight: The Coming Attractions

I'm a big proponent of timelines. They're a really useful tool, retrospectively, to connect the dots, to understand how, say, Carol Lam's firing might relate to her investigation of Jerry Lewis or Dusty Foggo.  But now that we're in the majority, we're making the timelines. Which means we need to

30 Mar 2007

Former NBA star unleashes anti-Semitic remarks, hurls 'faggot' bomb

As Rod says, “another former NBA star is channeling Tim Hardaway…” Outrageous stupidity…ignorance…bigotry…you will not believe what Micheal “Sugar” Ray Richardson, coach of the Albany Patroons (the Continental Basketball Association) said to two reporters as he discussed a coaching contract: “I’ve got big-time lawyers,” Richardson said, according to the Times

30 Mar 2007

The Spin I’m In: History Lessons

Dschinghis Khan "Rocking Son of Dschinghis Khan" Hu-Ha: Dschinghis Khan Greatest Hits When a lyricist decides to tackle an historical event or figure it's not an easy task. Sometimes it turns out to be a moving (or at least informational) experience and other times it's a wha? huh?  Now some

30 Mar 2007

Why is the Congressional Black Caucus Institute hopping in the sack with Faux News?

Fox News, Black Caucus join forces for presidential debates. This is simply sad. The CBC should not legitimize Fox in any way shape or form, given its treatment of blacks over the years. Hell, why partner with a network that ran a bogus “Madrassa/terrorist” story about Barack Obama? The network

30 Mar 2007

Arrests at ACT UP demonstration in NYC

A large turnout marched in ACT UP’s march in NYC yesterday (marking the 20th anniversary of the group’s founding), where 27 people were arrested during a demonstration for universal health care and drug price controls. Participants included ACT UP/New York, ACT UP/Philadelphia, the African Services Committee, Housing Works, the Metro

30 Mar 2007


The political heat is ramping up all over the nation's…preschools?  This satirical take on political commercials really brings home the juvenile idiocy of so many political campaigns these days, and I could not resist showing it to you guys.  The above "commercial" is actually a response to this initial "attack

30 Mar 2007

Michigan anti-bullying legislation faces tough road in state Senate

“Homosexual activists are using legitimate concern for student safety as a Trojan Horse to sneak their special rights agenda into law.” — Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan With the fundies tossing out this kind of irrational hate and fear in the Great Lake State, it’s

30 Mar 2007

Politics, The Rule Of Law, And You

(Yes, I am aware that the WVU Mountaineer statue has nothing whatsoever to do with this post.  But I'm still a little giddy over our NIT tourney win from last night, and I couldn't help posting a little celebratory photo.  Go, 'Eers!  Apologies in advance to any of our readers

30 Mar 2007

Freepers turn on Dobson over Fred Thompson

Daddy D takes a hit in the swamplands of Freeperville for his dissing of possible GOP prez candidate former Sen. Fred Thompson, accusing the Law & Order actor of not being a “committed Christian.” “Everyone knows he’s conservative and has come out strongly for the things that the pro-family movement