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Michigan anti-bullying legislation faces tough road in state Senate

“Homosexual activists are using legitimate concern for student safety as a Trojan Horse to sneak their special rights agenda into law.”
— Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan

With the fundies tossing out this kind of irrational hate and fear in the Great Lake State, it’s no wonder a bill that simply gives LGBT kids the ability to attend and learn without being subject to punishing harassment is going to have a tough slog in the GOP-led state Senate.

Matt’s Safe School Law (HB 4162 and 4091), the proposed anti-bullying measure named after an East Lansing youth who committed suicide after a hazing incident, passed the Dem-controlled state House (59-50 with Republicans in opposition). It would require school districts to adopt anti-bullying and harassment policies. (WOOD-TV):

“This is not kids being kids. This is causing psychological impact, psychological scars _ if not leading children to commit suicide,” said Rep. Pam Byrnes, a Democrat from Washtenaw County’s Lyndon Township, who spoke at a rally inside the Capitol before the House vote. She was joined by Granholm, along with students, parents and gay rights activists who spent the day lobbying legislators.

Conservatives opposed the legislation because it would specifically protect students who are being bullied because of their sexual orientation _ in addition to race, height, weight, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex and other characteristics.

The bible-beating homophobe Gary Glenn, of the state’s AFA, wrote this in a letter to the chair of the state’s House Education Committee, Tim Melton. Remember, this is a bill about bullying, and he’s goes off about health and homosexuality. Read the insanity after the flip.

The first clue that something other than a redundant mandate to ensure student safety is the motivating agenda behind this legislation is the coalition of organizations promoting it, a collection of homosexual activist groups and allied organizations whose broader agenda is to promote and legitimize homosexual behavior, see such behavior codified by law as a basis for special “protected class” status, and redefine basic social institutions such as marriage – all despite the severe personal and public health hazards of such behavior, particularly among young people.

…Public school officials have a legal duty not to put children at risk by in any way legitimizing or encouraging homosexual behavior, a practice scientifically proven to result in a dramatically higher incidence of domestic violence, mental illness, illegal drug use, promiscuity, life-threatening disease, and premature death. School officials have a moral and civic duty instead to actively discourage such self-destructive behavior among young people.

The risk of a student suffering physical harm from engaging in homosexual behavior is high, according to numerous scientific studies which document the severe health consequences of homosexual behavior:

East Lansing resident Kevin Epling, whose son Matt was the impetus for the legislation, was pleased with the bill making through the House. Fourteen-year-old Matt committed suicide, WZZM reports, after a traumatizing last day at MacDonald Middle School in 2002, when upperclassmen smeared him with raw eggs and syrup.

“I’m very happy that this passed. It sets us on the right path,” said Epling, a soft-spoken man who has spent more than a year trying to get the legislation passed.

He cast a glance toward the smiling parents and teens he had just shaken hands with. He was reminded of the motivation behind his hard work and shared sorrow.

“That’s why,” Epling said. “Elated parents (and) elated kids that know now they do have a voice.”

Over 200 people went to the legislature before the House vote in support of the safe schools bill; members of The Triangle Foundation, a statewide civil rights group for LGBT citizens, also held a Safe Schools Lobby Day.

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