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Just a reminder about the opposition to the Hate Crimes Bill

Look at what is being said in an action alert up at the American Family Association web site:

[T]he proposed federal “hate crimes” law may be the first step toward limiting your freedom to speak out against open homosexual activity.

A new “hate crimes” bill further protecting homosexual activity has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act would increase protection for the kind of activity shown on this video.

The bill is the first step toward silencing any opposition to the homosexual lifestyle.

If this “hate crimes” bill is passed, and you publicly protest, complain or oppose the type of activity in this video, your action could be eventually construed to be subject to prosecution for a criminal act.

The folks at this organization then link to a video of a Chicago Pride Parade to illustrate the kind of acts (like men without shirts riding on a float) that they will allegedly no longer be able to speak out against.

Amending the existing federal hate crimes law, which covers race, religion and national origin (the proposal is to add sexual orientation and gender identity) is clearly not a threat to their free speech rights, since the hate crimes laws for the other classes — which ironically protects religious bigots like those the AFA — have been on the books for years and hasn’t resulted in fed lawsuits stifling anyone’s ability to speak out against the Religious Right hate machine, for instance. They won’t stop railing about homos if this bill passes, and, quite frankly, they should keep it coming — exposing their bigotry and hypocrisy is doing quite enough damage to their movement,

Since they are so worried about freedom of speech, I suppose the AFA could rally with a petition to remove “religion” from the hate crimes laws. so they don’t have any claim to heralded “special rights” that they charge the Homosexual Agenda is trying to obtain to impose its dastardly will on society. Think we’ll see an action alert about that?

Tell Congress to pass the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act. The Senate introduction of the bill is scheduled for April 12, and in the House, it will hopefully go to the floor for debate around April 23.

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Pam Spaulding