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James Hartline is claiming to be healed of AIDS

I don’t know about you, but this seems mighty reckless of anti-gay fundie James Hartline, the man who is confronting the powers of darkness in the homosexual stronghold of Hillcrest, San Diego, CA.

He’s claiming that God is rewarding him for “giving up homosexuality” by miraculously curing him of AIDS, citing a laundry list of medical results as proof. Read after the flip.

Known as one of America’s most energetic and effective Christian activists, most people do not know that Hartline suffers with great pain in his physical body. Everyone sees the public appearances, the prayer walks and the celebrations when another pornographic business is shut down due to Hartline’s efforts. They usually are not cognicent that James is suffering tremendous pain. Over the last several years, Hartline has received thousands of emails and telephone calls from fellow Christians who say they are praying for him to be healed of AIDS. It now appears that those prayers are paying off. James Hartline just might be one of the biggest walking miracles since the AIDS epidemic began in 1981.

…Since going on the HIV treatments, Hartline’s immune system has never fully recovered. After 42 months of non-stop medical treatments, his T-Cells have rarely been above 300 and his percentage has hovered around 20%, not incredibly encouraging numbers. Dr. Jennifer Blanchard has been Hartline’s physician for five years. Dr. Blanchard has told James that patients usually gain a good spike in their T-Cells within six months after initiating HIV treatments. The fact that James has not gotten higher T-Cell counts or percentages is an indication that he might not reconstitute a healthier immune system.

That was the case until something very strange began to happen about two months ago. After receiving several bad blood test reports over the past year, out of nowhere Hartline’s T-Cell numbers began to dramatically improve. He hadn’t changed medications. He was still obedient to his commitment to Jesus Christ and abstinate from all sexual and illicit drug behaviors. How is it possible that James Hartline could now be presenting such healthy laboratory test results?

Do miracles happen to people like James Hartline? Thousands of Christians throughout America have been praying constantly for James in his ten year battle with AIDS. Take a look at the remarkable laboratory results for James Hartline’s February 20, 2007 blood test:

T-Cells: 450
Percentage: 32%

450 T-Cells and 32% are completely normal numbers for any person. For a person who has been fighting fighting AIDS for ten years these are miraculous numbers. When you consider that Hartline has never had percentages within the normal range since that dark time he was forced go on HIV medications nearly four years ago, even an atheist might have to reconsider the possibility that miracles do happen.

Anyone out there know about T-Cell counts — and can read Hartline’s blather and make sense of it?

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Hat tip, Scott.

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Pam Spaulding