George Bush vs. Cheap-Ass Republican Donors

This is actually taken from the comments over at Right Wing News and, like open comments at all blogs, should not reflect on the specific blogs proprietor, John Hawkins, who has enough embarrassment on his hands having attached himself to the campaign of never-gonna-be-President Duncan Hunter.

The reason I post the following comment is because I think it is an illustrative example of what might be called Bush Cargo Cult Self-Hypnosis. For context, this was in response to the Bush Administrations withdrawal of the ambassadorial nomination of businessman Sam Fox after it appeared that Fox wouldn’t get enough votes due to his affiliation with the Swift Boat Liars.

You see, it was all part of a great shaming of Fox who apparently failed to tithe properly. Enjoy:

I think Bush played it smart on this one. He set Fox up, hung him out to dry and then dropped him like a hot potatoe. The message: In the future, don’t try to buy an ambassador appointment from the GOP on the cheap. We will make an example of you and cut you off at the knees. What could be more embarrassing than to be nominated, then have to go through a rigorous Senate hearing which opens up your private life (warts and all) to the public, only to be abandoned and left drifting in the wind by the President who put you in that position in the first place. Politics is ruthless at times.

Bow down before the one you serve.
Youre going to get what you deserve.
Head Like A Hole

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