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What is it with Michael Savage and transpeople?

This man really has a problem, and is desperate need of an intervention of some kind. He’s not well.  Savage blames sexual reassignment surgery for Columbine massacre. From Media Matters:

SAVAGE: The wages of sin are death. You’re gonna cut off your willy, you’re gonna walk around in women’s clothes, you’re gonna hook — you’re gonna wind up dead under a freeway, Johnson. It’s not gonna be an HBO special about your travails, and how surgery made you a happy woman.

… And then they go to a psychopathic, sadistic doctor who does the thing for them. No more in Denmark — I mean, the capital of it is somewhere in Colorado, of course, near Columbine. You wonder why the kids shoot each other there with black raincoats. But that’s the sex change capital of the world — in America, rather — is somewhere in Colorado; they cut off the willies and they put on the willies, depending on whether you’re a Johnny or a Jane.

O-M-G. Just last week, the host of the radio program The Savage Nation called the transgender murder victim a ‘psychopath’ and a ‘freak’.

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[San Francisco police inspector Karen] Lynch said it appeared the victim had been in the process of becoming a woman.” Yeah, process of becoming a woman — psychopath, should have been in a back ward in a straitjacket for years, howling on major medication….You know, I’m sick and tired of the whole country begging, bending over backwards for the junkie, the freak, the pervert, the illegal immigrant. All of them are better than everybody else. Sick. Everything is upside down.

Gender-based violence claims life of another young person of color.

Gender-based violence has claimed the life of another young person of color. Ruby Ordenana, also know as Ruby Rodriguez, a 27-year-old Latina transgender woman was found strangled with knife-like cuts and scars on her arms in the early morning hours of March 16 in San Francisco’s Mission District.

“Ruby’s murder is not an exception. Gender non-conforming young people – who have often been shut out of employment, housing, and safe environments because of their gender identity or expression – are dying at a rate of about one every three months,” said Riki Wilchins, Executive Director of the Gender Public Advocacy Coalition (GenderPAC). “We mourn the tragic loss of yet another young life.”

Paul the Spud skewers the dirtbag over at Shakes Sis, with “A Waste of a Good Cock.”

Hat tips to Daimeon and Suzy Q.

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