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The Peter launches another sad effort

Here’s yet another attempt by Peter LaBarbera to achieve legitimacy for his ant-gay agenda. It’s something called “Real Civil Rights Illinois.” (I’m not linking). From its About page:

Real Civil Rights Illinois is a statewide pro-marriage, pro-life organization founded for the purpose of defending real civil and human rights as opposed to the modern, counterfeit variety based on homosexuality, abortion and pornography usage. We reject the notion of expanding “civil rights” to include homosexual behavior (“sexual orientation”) – which tramples on the rights of people of faith to oppose homosexuality – and abortion, which destroys the God-given right of children in the womb to live. We oppose the idea that citizens have a “right” to view pornography in taxpayer-funded public libraries. Real Civil Rights Illinois is part of Americans For Truth Action, a national C-4 organization. Gifts to RCR-IL and Americans For Truth Action are not tax-deductible, allowing us greater freedom to lobby in defense of pro-family and pro-life values.

Since this project is about Illinois being overrun by homosexuals, Peter takes time to rail about Illinois Senator Barack Obama and PP’s perceived notion that he’s a poster boy for all things liberal and gay. Peter:

To help them along, homosexual and feminist groups are mobilizing left-leaning pastors to do battle with the “Christian right,” while liberal denominations like Obama’s United Church of Christ (UCC)are well along in the process of re-defining “sin” to mean opposition to sin. For example, (monogamous) homosexuality is removed from the list of sins, while “homophobia” is added.

Daimeon, of Tiny Queer Footballs and blogs about it:

Poor, poor, Peter.  He pulls out the religious persecution card again, saying equal civil rights  would trample of the rights of people of faith to oppose homosexuality.  How is this so?  In the United States he and everyone else that is opposed to LGBT equality are and will be forever able to spout their anti-gay rhetoric.  What is not acceptable and that we fight for unapologeticaly is the same fundamental rights that heterosexuals have.  We want to know that if we’re attacked solely because of our real or percieved sexuality that law enforcement officials will not be able to turn a blind eye because of their personal bias agianst us.  No one is going to take away Peter’s right to be a `Peter’ and disagree with us.

Blender Tony said in an email. “When did Petey start Real Civil Rights Illinois?  He has more subcorporations than Enron ever did.  His resume must look like he has been hired a lot, but he seems to always be the founder of whatever organization hired him.”

Adrian points to the usual AFTAH blather, as we learn from Peter that the Homosexual Agenda baton has been handed over to Cindy Lauper and other artists on the Human Rights Campaign for transgender equality tour called True Colors.

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