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Handouts, Anyone?


Rayne reminds me of the McNulty handout from his testimony to Congress:

I’d commented over at DailyKos:

I’ve been scratching my head for weeks now over McNulty’s testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary committee. Heard this on my clock radio, an NPR report by Ari Shapiro, made me snap up out of bed.

While McNulty testified that the firings weren’t political but based on performance, a staffer was handing out a brief with supporting documents that included emails from members of Congress complaining about some of the USA’s. This was the first time I’d heard about emails or actual Congressional complaints. Shapiro even sounds quizzical in his report about this gap between what was said and what was handed out.

Was McNulty trying to say something in the briefer that he couldn’t say verbally?

Was he blowing the whistle?

I’ve not been able to get my hands on a copy of the handout since then.

Something about this scenario still does not make sense. If Harriet “Bush’s BGFF*” Miers was coaching staff to avoid commentary about personnel issues, why did this handout include those emails??

This entire story could have blown up even faster if anybody had actually read and then furnished a copy of those handouts to bloggers…in fact, I think we still need those handouts regardless of what we’ve seen so far in the document dumps because most of the Congressional material we’ve seen is in the form of letters and not emails. What else was in those emails? Who would they vindicate or accuse?

I remember us talking about this in the comments during the course of that week, and even tried to reach out through my contacts on the committee to get my hands on the McNulty hand-out for Rayne, who had exhausted her contacts in trying to get a copy as well.  No luck thus far.  If anyone out there has a lead on how we might get a peek at the McNulty hand-out, I'd sure love to hear it.  Because, more and more, the dissonance between what we've been hearing from Rove's shop and the Attorney General, and the bits and pieces that are leaking out of the DoJ around the edges, is becoming a sort of cacophony of trouble for the White House.  All of this adds up to a lot of trouble with "the math" in my mind.

And if Mr. McNulty is, as ABC News suggests this morning, being set up as Fall Guy #1 — I am wondering more and more this morning if his hand-out and what he knows and may have been trying to say to Congress might be the reason.  Which makes me ask:  what exactly does Mr. McNulty know, and is he willing to tell the rest of us?

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