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Alberto Gonzales, child sex abuse enabler

[UPDATE: Shakes Sis (and Paul in the comments) reminded me how Gonzales begged to stay in his job so he could “protect the children.” You can see testimony about the abuse cases, at the Texas State Senate site. ]

Game over, man. The stench and the sleaze of this administration has reached epic proportions. Why does Alberto Gonzales hate America’s children?

Embattled AG now accused in sex scandal ‘cover-up’

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, both already under siege for other matters, are now being accused of failing to prosecute officers of the Texas Youth Commission after a Texas Ranger investigation documented that guards and administrators were sexually abusing the institution’s minor boy inmates.

Among the charges in the Texas Ranger report were that administrators would rouse boys from their sleep for the purpose of conducting all-night sex parties.

Ray Brookins, one of the officials named in the report, was a Texas prison guard before being hired at the youth commission school.  As a prison guard, Brookins had a history of disciplinary and petty criminal records  dating back 21 years.  He retained his job despite charges of using pornography on the job, including viewing nude photos of men and women on state computers.

…”This case demonstrates that a partisan political agenda, with Karl Rove in an orchestrating role, has penetrated the Justice Department and subverted fair-minded administration of the law,” Matt Angle, director of the Lone Star Project, told WND.

You won’t believe the reasons given for not prosecuting the case of these perverts. How about the minor boys wanted it. See after the jump.You won’t believe what was said to Texas Ranger official Burzynski, in a letter from Bill Baumann, assistant U.S. attorney in Sutton’s office when they declined to prosecute the case. Baumann said that there was no “bodily injury” involved, and even intimated that the boys enjoyed it, so there was nothing to prosecute.

The offense of aggravated sexual abuse is proven with evidence that the perpetrator knowingly caused his victim to engage in a sexual act (which can include contact between the mouth and penis) by using force against the victim or by threatening or placing the victim in fear that the victim (or any other person) will be subjected to death, serious bodily injury or kidnapping. I do not believe that sufficient evidence exists to support a charge that either Brookins or Hernandez used force to cause victims to engage in a sexual act.”

…”As you know, consent is frequently an issue in sexual assault cases. Although none of the victims admit that they consented to the sexual contact, none resisted or voiced any objection to the conduct. Several of the victims suggested that they were simply ‘getting off’ on the school administrator.”

These were minors in custody being used at sex parties. WTF?

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Hat tip, Herb.

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