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(We're still in the process of choosing a new Book Salon editor, so the FDL Book Salon will return next week.  Thanks to everyone who responded to last week's post, we're still sorting things out and we'll be getting back to everyone soon — JH)

John and Elizabeth Edwards appear on 60 Minutes tonight (brief clip up over at the website), and the NYT had an interesting piece up this morning:

When asked about the suggestion some have made that the continuing campaign is an act of supreme denial about her cancer, Mrs. Edwards looked momentarily struck. Then, with her husband looking on somewhat tensely, she hurled back: “Absolutely! I am not giving it anything. If it expects to be the boss of me it’s gonna have to earn that.”

She added, “I am denying it control over how I spend the rest of my life.”

Although both Mr. and Mrs. Edwards professed surprise at the attention their decision has received, they said they saw a bright side: a national discussion of the ability of patients to live with cancer and of how people need to live their lives under the shroud of mortality.

“We made the choice to live,” Mrs. Edwards said. “We don’t want to do it surrounded by a veil of tears.”

Last night we watched the UConn women's basketball team play NC State, whose coach — Kay Yow — is battling stage four breast cancer (first diagnosed in 1987).  She wears bandaids on her fingernails because they're coming off.  She was absolutely fierce, fearless and relenteless all night.   After their loss, she spoke of her plans for next year for the team.  It was really inspirational to watch and it would probably get me in big trouble if I admitted that because of her I was silently rooting for the Wolfpack just a teensy bit so I won't.

No doubt it would have made the concern trolls uncomfortable, who keep on finding new and creative reasons why Elizabeth and John Edward should just curl up under a rock somewhere and stop making them feel icky.

How marverlous that they refuse to do so. 

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