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Naperville Student Sues For Right To Homobigotry

I realized that I may have not made this clear:  I’m making a comparison to how anti-gay hate speech sounds to how racist anti-ethnic hate speech sounds. 

I like to contextualize things and draw comparisons when it comes to the various forms of bigotry.  It helps to sort things out and make them digestible.  When I call Porno Pete’s outfit(s) ‘hate organizations’ people ask how it is a ‘pro-family, Christian organization’ can be a hate organization.  Simple answer – I’ve explained it before.  Take any bit of Labarbera spew, replace “homosexual” with “black” or “Mexican” and you’d have a certified hate monger.  Example:

Illinois’ only openly homosexual representative, Democrat Greg Harris, has introduced HB 1615, which would repeal Illinois’ ban on same-sex “marriages.” Pete LaBarbera of the Chicago-based group Americans for Truth says Harris and other homosexual activists are hoping to wear down Illinois voters, and over time pass what he describes as “radical” legislation.

Illinois’ black representative, Democrat Greg Harris, has introduced HB 1615, which would repeal Illinois’ ban on interracial “marriages.” Pete LaBarbera of the Chicago-based group Americans for Truth (about the black lifestyle) says Harris and other black activists are hoping to wear down Illinois voters, and over time pass what he describes as “radical pro-black” legislation.

Or every time Labarbera says “AIDS is a tragic result of the homosexual lifestyle” just think to yourself that “Cirrhosis is a result of the Irish lifestyle”.  Both have the same merit when you get down to the facts of it all.  Get it?  Good. You can push that in a couple of different directions and I assure you, it doesn’t always come out the way you think it will, thus it’s a very good rule of thumb when playing Know Your Bigot.  Christo Con fruitloops will regularly decry this sort of stuff as being part of “the oppression of political correctness”, or do something typically Limbaughesque and blame the ACLU for the fact that they’re not longer allowed to use derogatory slurs.  It’s a psuedo intellectual approach to fight for their right to be non-intellectual, primitive, NASCAR watchers. 

Riddle me this:  Is this shirt appropriate in school?

You can read the relevant story at World Nut Daily, but the nut of it: 

An Illinois high school student is in federal court seeking the right to wear T-shirts that declare sentiments such as “Be happy, not gay.”

Heidi Zamecnik, of the Chicago suburb Naperville, wants to wear the shirt at school the day after the “Day of Silence,” a nationwide observance April 19 to protest harassment of homosexuals in schools, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. This just continues the cycle of anti-Christian oppression and pro-homosexual indoctrination of our children in the evil public school system which is part of the Homosexual Agenda (TM).  The next step will be for public high school administrators to sprinkle magic dust to make your kids gay.  According to J. Matt Barber of Concerned Women For Americans For Truth, the dust, dubbed ‘fairy dust’, has already been distributed to public high schools by the ACLU and former members of the Clinton administration.

Fine.  You caught me.  I added the last part in there.  Sue me.

The racial comparison works out pretty well because it reduces this sort of discussion to the “Black people can use the N word, so why can’t I”, “Well, Notre Dame’s mascot is the Fighting Irish, isn’t that racist?”, and other assorted arguments you hear from privileged white folks who are pissed about ideas of equality.  After all, who wants to bet that the same people who don’t like the idea of a Day of Silence are the same folks who probably object to Black History Month in school?  You need not look far for that argument to be made by  Random Winger:

Now, everyone KNOWS the homosexuals in school get to wear their `Gay Pride” shirts.. so what about her rights? I remember (way back, ahem) when I was a teen in highschool, we were told we couldn’t wear any shirt with the Confederate flag on it, but black kids could still wear their MalcomX (talk about racist!).. NOT fair.. NOT right!

That particular post comes complete with threats of violence in the comments:

This *** stuff is wearing on me, they’re going to create REAL hate. They think bigotry and intolerance is bad now? Give it some time and more of this kind of stuff?

It’s fair to put homobigotry and racism next to each other.  They’re both irrational, mostly dependent upon a fear of something different, and almost always veiled in self-defense against some vast agenda.  It’s not a coincidence that the same evangelical southern minded folks who were ‘protecting the Christian identity’ 75 years ago when opposing civil rights for black folks have no moved on to ‘protecting the Christian identity’ today by opposing civil rights for queer folks.

To be expected, the usual suspects in wingnutitude are up in arms over the matter, claiming it’s a violation of the First Amendment.  Of course, it isn’t. 

The narrow minded bigots will argue that “Well, the gay kids are allowed to wear their pride gear, all this girl is showing her straight pride”, which lacks any intellectual honesty.  If we have an Irish Pride Day and every girl from Mt. Greenwood wears a “Kiss me, I’m Irish shirt” it’s showing pride.  If an Italian kid wears a shirt on the same day saying “Proud Italian” it’s showing pride.  If our Italian kid wears a shirt that says “The Irish are a bunch of thick skulled, flat assed drunkards” it’s bigotry and has no business in modern society let alone public schools.  The same goes for if on our Irish Pride Day, Mt. Greenwood girl wears a shirt that says “Italians are wine drinking, mobster, murdering WOPs”. 

Likewise, if a gay person decides to wear a shirt emblazoned with this, it’s ok: 

It doesn’t prevent a student from wearing this on the same day, and in fact – it’s reasonable to do so and nobody would ever object contrary to the knee jerkers:

But it does make wearing something like this completely unreasonable:

It’s equally as acceptable to wear something like this:

Simple enough concept to  understand, you would think.  But no.  A sample of actual bigot quotes.  For fun, replace references to LGBT with references to ‘Mexican’:
Return of the Conservatives:

It’s no wonder with these leftist teachers so engaged in spreading the deviant lifestyle that that they object to having to provide a PE class. After all, what is more important to them: children’s physical health or them being indoctrinated by the Rosie O’Donnell Idiot Brigade?

From the Ground Up:

The Gay Left’s allies in academia are out to censor free speech in public schools all under the guise of “tolerance.” The Dean has no balls to do the right thing.

The Wake Up Call (this one is good)

Once again, we see the pro-gay bias in our mis-education system. Maybe we need a straight rights coalition in this country.

Chicago Ray:

It’s apparently OK to force a “Day of Awareness/Silence” upon all non-gay public school students annually on April 19th nationwide to stop the supposed “widespread harassment” of that whopping 2 or 3 percent of the students who think they’re gay, meanwhile a non-gay student representing the other 97 or so percent of students who are not gay cannot wear a t-shirt to school like this protesting this mandated day of atonement:

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