The title for this post was taken from the headline of an AP wire piece.

Apparently, Sara Wheeler and her partner, Missy, decided to have a child.  Missy took for herself the Wheeler surname, and Sara got pregnant.  When their son was two, they took steps for Missy to adopt him.  They took advantage of how Georgia law didn’t really say anything about this type of thing, and the adoption went through.Well, Sara and Missy aren’t together anymore, and the custody fight over their son has become, well, like too many custody fights.  Sara has petitioned the courts to rescind the adoption on the basis that Georgia law doesn’t specifically allow gays and lesbians to adopt.  If successful, this move would outlaw all gay and lesbian adoptions, even providing precedent for overturning adoptions that have already taken place.

I don’t have a whole bunch to say about this.  On the one hand, it blows me away how vicious custody fights can become.  On the other hand, there’s such a depressing sameness to this story of a parent who will stop at nothing to make sure that the other parent does not have any rights to their child.

Aside from the issue of GLBT rights, Sara’s actions have shown that she completely misunderstands and undervalues adoption.  Since adoption is, for her, transient, one hopes that her son manages to stay on her good side.




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