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Buy Marcy’s Book Or I’m Nuking These Peeps!



It's just as you always suspected. 

Yes, we peace-loving, granola-eating, dirty effing hippies are really Satanists — and we're not afraid to prove it.

Just look at the picture above.  Look at the poor widdle Peeps, their food-coloring eyes glistening with fear as they contemplate their imminent doom in a hideous arcane ritual.

They're on a microwave-safe plate.   Each of them rests on a point of an unhallowed pentagram.  I've cleaned out the inside of the nuker.  I've even unhooked the smoke alarm.

Only one thing — ONE THING — can save these little bits of sugar and gelatin from a fiery demise.   And that's if you, dear reader, pick up a copy or two (or eight) of Marcy Wheeler's grimoire book, Anatomy of Deceit.

You know what to do.   The Peeps are calling on you!

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