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Oh the Irony


There were two kinds of Democrats voting "no" on the supplemental today, and Howie Klein breaks it down by looking at the anti-war voting records of both.  Of course Democrats like Barbara Lee and Lynn Woolsey have opposed Bush's corrupt war from the beginning and both have a score of 97.73.  On the other hand, there are those who are, as Howie puts it, "reactionaries and war-mongers who have consistently supported Bush from Day One and continue to push for endless war":

John Barrow (GA)- 63.64
Dan Boren (OK)- 63.64
Lincoln Davis (TN)- 62.50
Michael McNulty (NY)- 61.36
Gene Taylor (MS)- 56.82
Jim Matheson (UT)- 52.27
Jim Marshall (GA)- 41.94

The irony is that the DCCC has asked today for contrubutions from Demorats who oppose the war.  Huh?  DCCC money goes to support Blue Dogs like John Barrow and Jim Marshall, as well as other Blue Dogs who watered down the bill and insisted on taking language regarding Iran out.  And please don't spin that canard about living in a red district and needing to do it to keep your seat.  Kos has a long list of Democrats in tough red districts who voted for the supplemental.  If you feel like giving money, Howie suggests Patrick Murphy (YouTube above).

Finally, it was great to see Maxine Waters get a standing ovation along with Barbara Lee and Lynn Woolsey.  Her work as head of the Out of Iraq Caucus has been heroic and exemplary.  She deserved it. 

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