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He’s totally checking out her tits.

When last we checked, Jesus or possibly Michelle Bachmann’s press secretary, was exhorting (there’s a word we don’t use every day) Congresswoman Glossolalia’s (that would be another one that doesn’t come up often) constituents to write letters to the editor explaining to the good citizens of Minnesota that Jesus Bachmann is just alright with them.

So how did it go?

I guess that depends upon your definition of “sad and pathetic“.

A second letter to the editor has been written in response to a plea from Michele Bachmann’s staff, and this time, the letter is not from a GOP staffer. Instead, the letter was written by St. John’s University student Ben Harper, son of Barbara Harper, who serves as Bachmann’s director of constituent services.

Ben Harper’s letter appears to have been inspired by an email sent from Bachmann press secretary Heidi Frederickson’s congressional email account. The email had asked Bachmann supporters to write letters to the editor focusing on a number of potential topics, including focusing on “Michele as a mother (5 biological, 23 foster kids) and wife.”

Harper’s letter stated that, “From a little background information, I’ve learned that this congresswoman is not only working on behalf of her constituents, but she is a mother of five biological children and 23 foster children.” His letter did not disclose that his mother’s role in Bachmann’s office is to work on behalf of Bachmann’s constituents.

Only one other letter to the editor has been written since Frederickson’s letter requesting support was sent last week. The other letter was written by a GOP state Senate staffer.

Bachmann received 151,962 votes to win office in November so either these people are are smart enough to vote, yet not smart enough to write, or it’s the biggest case of buyers remorse ever seen.

At least since the days of Billy Bass.

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