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Michael Savage calls transgender murder victim a 'psychopath' and a 'freak'

I just don’t understand the level of hate and vitriol that hurls out of Michael Savage’s mouth. This man, whose radio show The Savage Nation has over 8 million people tuning in to hear his filth each week, unleashed this beyond-the-pale horror yesterday (Media Matters):

SAVAGE: “San Francisco police are trying to determine whether the slaying of a transgender victim found naked near the Interstate 280 freeway is somehow linked to reports of a nude woman seen walking on the same freeway two hours later, authorities said. … [San Francisco police inspector Karen] Lynch said it appeared the victim had been in the process of becoming a woman.” Yeah, process of becoming a woman — psychopath, should have been in a back ward in a straitjacket for years, howling on major medication.

…And what’s this sympathy, constant sympathy for sexually confused people? Why should we have constant sympathy for people who are freaks in every society? I didn’t say hurt the freaks. I didn’t say do anything to the freaks.

But you know what? You’re never gonna make me respect the freak. I don’t want to respect the freak. The freak ought to be glad that they’re allowed to walk around without begging for something. You know, I’m sick and tired of the whole country begging, bending over backwards for the junkie, the freak, the pervert, the illegal immigrant. All of them are better than everybody else. Sick. Everything is upside down.

Savage was signed by Hollywood firm Creative Artists Agency (CAA) but was dropped like a hot potato after he went on a diatribe about Melissa Etheridge and gay families raising children.

Seriously, I want to know what sponsors think it’s great to have their ads heard alongside this crap? Yes, he’s the third highest-rated radio talker behind OxyRush and Hannity, but damn, this is bottom-feeder stuff.

* Michael Savage: same sex marriage, child-rearing, ‘makes me want to puke’

From Media Matters, some of the Best of Savage:
* On MLK Day, Savage called civil rights a “racket” designed to steal “white males’ birthright”
* Savage on the link between “the homosexualization of the media” and our descent “to a level below that of the apes”
* Savage: To “save the United States,” lawmakers should institute “outright ban on Muslim immigration” and on “the construction of mosques”
* Savage: Michael Richards’ “tirade” demonstrates “what liberalism really is”
* Olbermann awarded Savage “Worst Person” for claiming anti-gay remark will appear “in several of the blogs run by gays,” whom he compared to “drug addicts” 

Hat tip, SuzyQ.

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