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Do you want your leather-bondage on the side with your tossed-salad?

My my, after yesterday’s ‘revealing’ (and now removed) look into the minds of “Porno” Peter LaBarbera and Sonja “Rim-job” Dalton, I find their fascination with leather-bondage and kids is just a little too much. Their website really should be censored because it’s just so full of smut! I wonder if “The Internets” filter that AFA provides (probably their only good idea) blocks their friends’ websites?

In an article where the Christian Civic League of Maine try to link one man’s extracurricular activities with his professional volunteer activities, completely ignoring the fact that the leather bondage fetish is also part of the heterosexual community, the Fundies have had to dig deep through the tubes of the Internets to “research” and find the “dirt” on the man they decry, going through many bottles of lube and tissues, no doubt.

(Re-)Pete LaBarbera re-publishes the article in it’s entirety. First paragraph in Italics LaBabs’.

From our very fine friends at Christian Civic League of Maine: Is this the kind of man you would care to have invited to perform at your son?s elementary or junior high school? In the homosexual activist social sphere, Lew Alessio is considered not just normal, but laudable. Meet their ?Homosexual of the Year??

From Lew Knows Leather, by Mike Hein, published Mar 21, 2007, by Christian Civic League of Maine:

New York?s ?New American Leathermen?, 2001

Homosexual activist Lewis (Lew) Alessio of Greene, Maine was recently announced by EqualityMaine to be the 2007 recipient of the Cameron Duncan Award. The annual award is the radical homosexual lobbying group?s ?homosexual of the year? award. The award was presented to Alessio at EqualityMaine?s 23rd Annual Awards Banquet on March 10 at the Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland.

The EqualityMaine press release spoke of Alessio as a homosexual demonstrating ?extraordinary accomplishment, commitment, and service within the AIDS community? and ?an outstanding leader in Maine?s gay community.? Lew Alessio is better known in the central Maine community as being the leader of a homosexual men?s social club called ? Just Guys.? The ?Just Guys? motto from their website is ?? the new men?s social group for men who have sex with men.? The group meets at MaineGeneral Heath?s Green Street location, located immediately adjacent to the Green Street United Methodist Church in Augusta.

New York Leathermen Contestants

Less well known is Alessio?s recent past, where he competed, and was named 1st runner up, in a homosexual leather bondage fetishist contest in 2001 in New York City. Alessio placed 1st Runner Up in the homosexual leather bondage ?New American Leatherman 2001? according to the homosexual leather bondage fetish website Later that same year, Alessio ?married? his homosexual partner, Jim Shaffer.

Besides being a leather bondage fetishist and leader of a homosexual sex men-only social club, Alessio is also self-employed as part of the theater troupe ?Actors Theater of Maine.? The State of Maine Arts directory website states the theater group charges $500 per performance and caters primarily to children, from pre-kindergarden to 8th grade. Alessio?s ?Actors Theater of Maine? troupe stages plays that ?all use students in the performances along with the professional casts. [The performances] are accompanied by extensive teaching materials,? according to the Maine government website.

From what I gather from the article…The Christianist Civic League and Porno Pete are trying to defame a man who does a lot of good things for his community and for children by revealing what he does in his private life. Like always they attack the messenger and not the message.

The problem is, what this man does in his off time, when he’s not saving the world, is really only his business. In no way does this reflect on the GOOD the man has done in his community with fighting the AIDS epidemic and for what he does for a living entertaining kids. Using the bolded scare tactic “[The performances] are accompanied by extensive teaching materials,? means absolutely nothing. The CCL is insinuating that the man hands out instructions on how to be a leather daddy. This simply is not true. The teaching materials are directly related to acting and interacting with one another in a play or improv situation. I hardly doubt the kids are going to tie eachother up and pull out whips afterwards!

My advice to the CCL and Porno Pete, keep your salad-tossing, leather-bondage with kids fantasies to yourselves and stop trying to paint the whole of the gay community with a narrow brush and only one color! Check out what people on your side of the fence do too in their off time. You shouldn’t be shocked.

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