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This and that – Wed open thread

* Good news in Massachusetts: Robert Travaglini Massachusetts Senate President resigns, and Therese Murray has been elected to replace him as president. Lurleen, who passed this on, says:

This is great in 2 ways – he was the gavel weilder who made sure the anti-equality amendment got voted on in january (knowing full well it would get approved).  Good riddance to bad rubbish… Therese Murray…opposes the amendment and is reportedly not averse to using procedural methods to kill it.  The pendulum could be swinging in our favor.

* Good As You takes on the latest sex-obsessed post at AFTAH, I kid you not — “The Self-Evident Immorality of Rimming.” Jeremy’s entry: Fitting topic for them, as they do wish to ‘lick the whole’ of the gay movement. [UPDATE: AFTAH pulled the (butt) plug on the whole article, lolololol. Too bad for Peter and Sonja – Jeremy took a screenshot.]

* Perrspectives has announced the winners of the “Sentence Scooter” Contest.

* Lyra Porras Garzon is the producer and director of a new independent documentary (still in edit) entitled Flying While Muslim”: Racial Profiling Post-9/11.” It’s the story of Arwa and Sumia Ibrahim, detained with the rest of their family in JFK airport for six hours; Talat Hamdani and her son Salman accused of being a “terrorist” in the immediate aftermath of 9/11; and Raed Jarrar, who was requested to change his t-shirt by JetBlue and airport authorities because it had Arabic script written on it (even though it had an English translation below reading “We Will Not be Silent”). You can see a ten-minute clip of it here:

* A first: there is an all-female UN unit doing peacekeeping in Liberia.

* Five Soulforce Equality Riders and one Baylor student were arrested on Baylor University campus, where the east bus made its stop. The college is a private Christian university located in Waco, TX, has a policy that identifies “homosexual acts” as a “misuse of God’s gift” and as grounds for sanction.

* A. Gay mentioned this in the comments of another thread, but he’s set up a site just for Mike Adams’ benefit: — only I don’t think homophobe Adams will be happy about its pro-gay tilt.

  * Lev points to a WaPo column by Harold Meyerson on Rev. R. Albert Mohler, God and His Gays. Mohler, who is president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville , speculated that since science is pointing toward a biological basis for homosexuality, that it is then desirable, using science “cure it” in utero.

* Out lesbian elected official Rep. Patricia Todd (Alabama House District 54) is now posting on Birmingham Blues, Blender Kathy’s pad! Patricia’s going to regularly post about her experiences in the state legislature.

* Quirky post of the day, on Queersighted: My French Manicure: Why Lesbians and Long Nails Don’t Mix.

* Rex Wockner has two posts up that are worth your click, A Conversation With Larry Kramer (a great interview), and Garrison Keillor Apologizes to Gays.

* Read straight ally Shakes Sis’s letter to Larry Kramer

* I’m going to be interviewed about my post on Mississippi Sissy tonight at 9PM EDT on KQKE 960 The Quake Progressive Talk’s “SHAKE! America’s LGBT Radio Talk Show.” It will not air live; it will be recorded for later broadcast; a podcast will be available.

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