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Please help get the word out.

The Coalition for Fair Adoption is holding a town hall on March 27 at New Hope First Community Church at 2929A Seacrest Blvd in Boynton Beach . The town hall will feature a panel of speakers including experts on adoption and foster care, child welfare; family law as well as a Florida resident who has made it through the labyrinth of our state’s current discriminatory adoption laws.

Rainbow Radio will webcast the proceedings live from the church thanks to Jim Stafford and 

People can listen and post questions and comments at http://www.lakeworth….  Click on “Live Broadcast” between 7 and 9 pm and hear the proceedings.  Click on “Complete List of All Message Boards” and scroll down to find “Rainbow Radio.”  Sign in or post anonymously as “Guest.” 

Ideally, everyone will want to come to the church and participate directly but for those who can’t make it they can participate online

Please help get the word out.

Also, starting tomorrow evening, Rainbow Radio is moving from Tuesdays at 7 pm to Wednesdays at 8 – right after The Live Show with Jim Stafford. 


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