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Bending Reality Like a Pretzel


Jeffrey Feldman makes note of this from yesterday's press conference:

THE PRESIDENT: Earlier today, my staff met with congressional leaders about the resignations of U.S. attorneys.

Says Feldman:

President Bush repeated "resignation" 4 conspicuous times in his 12-minute appearance, yesterday, including the coveted opening line of the entire event.  So important is this word to the White House that they even used it in the title they gave the press conference on their website ("President Bush Addresses Resignations of U.S. Attorneys").

The Boy King also said he was willing to give Congress "unprecedented" access by deigning to let Harriet Miers and Karl Rove go up to the hill and openly lie testify with no transcript and without being under oath.  Henry Waxman begs to differ, saying "Contrary to the President's contention, there is extensive precedent for officials in these positions to appear before Congress."

The authoritarian cultists of the base with their arctic-temperatured IQs may slavishly embrace the opportunity to dismiss this all as partisanship, but they excell at nothing so much as projection and we should expect that they would harken back to the Clinton witch hunt and look into their own hearts for motivation.  They do not have the capacity to look at the simple fact that Bush is flat-out lying when he speaks to them, and to us, and to draw appropriate conclusions.  They didn't see the petulant child pitching a temper tantrum yesterday, they saw what Chris Matthews sees:

God, he was Jim Bowie at the Alamo tonight!  I‘ve never seen him like that, at least in a long time.

The Cult of the Codpiece is still, it seems, intact.

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