You can’t write if you can’t relate
Trade the cash for the beef for the body for the hate

According to Michael Medved, you might be a “loser” if you are one of the following:

…homeless, single mothers, “people of color,” homosexuals, AIDS patients, feminists, convicted criminals, Native Americans, atheists, immigrants and many more

Oh yeah, and it looks like these guys are pussies too:

In fact, the recent hearings about the shabby treatment of wounded veterans at Walter Reade (sic) Medical Center represented a concerted effort to transform America’s military into a victims group worthy of liberal sympathy. John Kerry’s notorious and derisive comments about kids who do poorly in school getting “stuck in Iraq” complemented this ongoing effort to portray active duty personnel as oppressed and hapless losers, rather than formidable and willing warriors.

…who actually love being neglected and then tucked away in moldy decaying soon-to-be-abandoned motels when they “break” fighting in a neocons war.

Buncha complainers.

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