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We Need Your Support

But first, we need your advice. 

We've had a lot of new readers lately.  More and more people are coming to appreciate the value of what we do here. . . even our frequent target, the New York Times.  Ninety-nine percent of you who read us never leave a comment, and that's okay by us:  we write for everyone, not just the locals.  We know you're all out there and we really appreciate your choice to spend any of your precious time here with us.

Here's where I'd like to ask for everyone's advice, very quickly:  we need to create a sustainable revenue model to support the work we do here (advertising doesn't do it), and I'd like you to take three minutes – that's all it will take – to complete this survey.  We believe that if we are going to ask for regular community support, we need to ask the community about what model of support works best for our readers.  We need you to tell us.

We'd rather rely on a large number of small, regular donations from readers, people in the grass roots community, than look primarily toward other, big ticket funding options (though we of course won't rule out any options that help us remain true to our mission).  Grassroots financing makes us accountable to you, and not beholden to anyone who may wish to attach strings to large donation that may limit our long term effectiveness.

What is our mission?  We've never articulated it fully, but it would probably go something like this:

We're here to build a strong progressive media presence and to facilitate the development of robust, effective, progressive activist networks throughout the United States.  Through our Blue America Political Action Committee and other efforts, we also exist to identify and independently promote candidates for elected office who share our values and those of our readers.

In the spirit of not wasting your time, I'll refrain from saying any more about our history, what we've done, what projects we've led and so forth.  Maybe some commenters will chime in with their recollections in the comment thread.  For now, I have but one thing to ask of you:  please take the quick survey right now! 

Please take the survey.

Oh, and please take the very quick survey.

On behalf of Jane, Christy, TRex, Siun, myself and all of our other, stellar guest writers, thank you, thank you, thank you in advance!! 

UPDATE WED March 21, 2007, 5:35 AM PST:  I've closed the survey now.  We have 2962 responses, a very nice sample, and I'll be making our findings public once I have time to do more analysis.  Thank you all!

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