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This and that – open thread

I’m so far behind on all the mail! I’m still under the weather, but I’ve compiled a few good clicks for you all.

* The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, which works to increase the number of openly LGBT public officials at federal, state and local levels of government, has endorsed 10 additional candidates for the year (it’s up to 19 total) all around the country, including Matt Titone, running in New York State Assembly, 61st District, and Darrell Watson (Denver’s City Council) in a race to become the first openly gay black elected official in Colorado.

* Garrison Keillor apologized for the bad satire in his recent column that was interpreted as anti-gay (the Blend post on it is here).

Gay men and women have been targeted by the right wing as a hot-button issue. And so gay people out in the larger world feel besieged to some degree. In the small world I live in, they feel accepted and cherished as individuals, but in the larger world they may feel like Types. My column spoke as we would speak in my small world and it was read by people in the larger world and thus the misunderstanding. And for that, I am sorry.

* What is Michele Bachmann’s inspiration?

* MadKane is running a limerick writing contest.

This one’s theme is “spring” and I’ll be announcing the winners on the first day of spring. And there will even be money prizes! The first prize will be $25. The second prize will be $10. Both prizes will be paid via PayPal. So how do you enter? By posting your  limerick here

* A church sign in Manahawkin, NJ sent in by Blender Donna M., who said “Once again i’m ashamed to be a resident of Ocean County NJ. Officer Laurel Hester, transgender teacher Lily B. McBeth, the mayor of Barnegat refusing to preform civil unions, and now this:

* Anti-gay military shill Elaine Donnelly is still bleating away about General Pace.

* Homophobia: An Evangelical Stepping Stone to Theocracy by Richard Rothstein. Worth the click.

* Deb Price’s column this week: GOP shows willingness to reconsider Don’t Tell policy.

* Dog and cat lovers, I hope you heard about this pet food recall: Eukanuba, Iams, Nutro and store brands tied to kidney failure, deaths. (h/t bkmn)

* In May, Courting Equality: A Documentary History of America’s First Legal Same-Sex Marriages will be published.

On the eve of the third anniversary of marriage equality in Massachusetts, Beacon Press celebrates Courting Equality, the first book to tell the extraordinary story of the gay and lesbian community’s civil rights victory. With nearly 9000 married same-sex couples, Massachusetts has successfully broken through the boundaries of an age-old institution.

* Openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson has an op-ed at the WashBlade that addresses the HRC/blogs rigamrole. [See these recent articles for background: Bay Windows: HRC struggles to find its footing in New Media; Washington Blade: HRC hits back at blogger criticisms, and my two cents here.] Sean Bugg has round 2 thoughts worth digesting.

* I received a letter from one of the editors of New Moon Magazine, an award-winning, bi-monthly publication for girls. A project that is under way is a letter writing campaign by girls between the ages of 8 and 14 to tell Congress about the issues that concern them. Two girls representing New Moon’s readers will travel to Washington D.C. for two days (March 20 and 21), to hand-deliver those letters and to meet with members of Congress. More here.

* Professor Mike Adams, homophobe extraordinaire, has written a column entitled “How to bomb a gay bath house,” a “defense” of Ann Coulter and her lobbing of the faggot bomb.  (h/t Michael)

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