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The ex-gay movement takes another hit on The Daily Show

Founding Executive Director of Truth Wins Out, Wayne Besen, was on the Daily Show last night, in a hilarious segment spoofing the ex-gay movement. It’s a must-click.

Without fail, the show also managed to get camera-loving ‘ex-gay” therapist Richard Cohen on to do further damage to his movement by simply letting him do his thing on the air. Cohen, who heads up something called the International Healing Foundation,  in all seriousness, explained how “natural sex” means the peg fits in the hole. He also recreates his “holding therapy” exercise that allows him to display “healthy touch” to male clients who seek freedom from homosexuality.

About this therapy, Cohen has saidYou’ve got to feel it to heal it.”

This is Cohen’s bio:

Richard Cohen, M.A., a psychotherapist and educator, is one of the leading experts in the field of sexual reorientation and the author of Coming Out Straight: Understanding and Healing Homosexuality and Gay Children, Straight Parents: A Plan for Family Healing.

Uh, right. Wayne, author of the eye-opening book about “ex gay” movement, Anything But Straight, reported last that in 2005  that Cohen head of Parents and Friends of E-Gays (P-FOX) at the time, was “expelled for life” out of the American Counseling Association for malpractice and unethical conduct. You have to read Wayne’s post about an unhinged mailing Cohen sent out after he and Wayne debated on a NJ television program.

Check out Truth Wins Out’s 10 Wacky ‘Ex-Gay’ Ideas page.

Hat tip, Ex-Gay Watch.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding