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MSNBC is saying that Bush will make a statement in 2 hours about the US Attorney scandal to express his support for Abu Gonzales.  

With Leahy bucking Bush's offer to let Rove and Miers testify behind closed doors, it seems like a showdown of some sort is looming.  Is Abu G really a goner?  If so, here's hoping the Judiciary Committee will also see fit to keep some of the more heinous names out of consideration to replace hiim.  I'm sorry but Ted Olsen — after his involvement in the Arkansas project — is just not acceptable (see Murray Waas here).

Of note in the memos so far:  ol' "maverick" Arlen Specter, who did such a bang-up job as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee:

From Rebecca Seidel, January 25, 2007, 5:10 PM

Just got off the phone with Matt Miner on Specter’s staff who called to discuss the hearing….[Miner asked for various sorts of information]….Re the bill: he is organizing a Republican amendment so that they have one strategy and the Democrats don’t divide and conquer. He asked if we have any amendments to please draft and get to him.

I re-sent him the talking points (as he had given his copy away – he realized we had a lot of info in there.)

When the history of how the Bushies trashed the country is written, the firewall Arlen Specter threw up at the Judiciary Committee preventing meaningful senatorial oversight will no doubt be in for a heapin' helpin' o' blame.   

And for those on document dump watch — our good friend jukeboxgrad, who did such amazing work deconstructing the disingenous stories the Washington Post told about the reader comments following l'affair Deborah Howell, is at it again.  He has created a searchable version of the DOJ email dump, a merged Adobe compilation of the PDFs that have been released.

He has links here in his dKos diary.

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