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IHOP: No Lesbian Kissing Allowed!

AmericaBlog ran a link to this story in Kansas City about a local IHOP restaurant kicking out a lesbian couple because they exchanged a peck of a kiss.

“It was a kiss I would share with my uncle,” Blair Funk told me. Except it wasn’t her uncle she kissed. It was her honey, Eva Sandoval.

Two young women sharing a kiss didn’t seem inappropriate to the other couple in the restaurant booth that night, Jackie Smith and the woman with whom she shares her life, Toni Smith. But someone watching the scene was offended.

So later, the manager confronted them in the lobby and told them to get out.

The way Blair tells it, “He said, `I have to tell you, we’ve had some complaints about public displays of affection, and we’re a family restaurant. We can’t accept it, and we won’t accept it.’

Cases like this remind us that landlords can refuse to rent to people, employers can fire people, businesses can refuse service to people, all quite legally, if they believe that person to be gay or lesbian.  (I phrase it that way because, technically, the discrimination can be based on perception of sexual identity.)

I hope the Federal Hate Crimes legislation will be amended to include sexual orientation and gender identity for protection and equal treatment under the law.  Finally, with Democrats in control of Congress, it should be passed.

Now having recently read “What’s The Matter With Kansas?”, I couldn’t resist peeking at the reader comments section.  It’s not quite like Freeperville; there are plenty of supportive comments… I’ll mix ’em up after the fold…

The road to hell is paved not only with good intentions, but with acceptance of any and all behavior. It is a mark of moral decline, when a society normalizes that which is aberrant, and lauds that which is not sublime. The “mainstreaming” of homosexual behavior is a blatant affront to righteousness.  Plus, maybe the other diners didn’t want to have to explain to their kids “why those two women are kissing each other.” The topic of lesbianism probably doesn’t go all that well with apple pie and hotcakes. I try not to scratch my butt in public, or pick my teeth while sitting in a restaurant; and by the same token I expect homosexuals to keep their behavior out of the dining area — some things are bound to be, let’s say, objectionable.

Seeing some of the remarks on here only reminds me of how so, so far we have to go. Thankfully, the younger generation coming up in society is much more accepting of people – knowing that “moral and decent” is just another subjective human judgement. And the “I have nothing against gays, BUT….” line is meaningless. You’d be very surprised at how many of “us” there are out there. : )

When will people learn that type of behavior is repulsive to others, and in a restaurant could literally “turn someone’s stomach”. I’m with the restaurant on this one.

Yeah, yeah…the Bible says this, the Bible says that.  The Bible also says you shouldn’t eat shellfish and pork, so I’m pretty sure most of the people who eat shrimp and sausage and quote the Bible to support their persecution of gays will be joining them in “that place with lots of fire.”  So watch out for IHOP’s bacon, and better hope they don’t serve crab cakes…that way lies damnation!  Repent now, food-sinners!

IHOP management in Grandview took the appropriate action to remove individuals who live an aberrant lifestyle and do not have the decency to keep it to themselves. Decent people should not be intimidated into remaining quiet by insane groups who espouse political correctness as a means to achieve immoral goals that normally cannot be achieved in a legal fashion.

So who will win?Christians want gays out, but gays have A LOT of discretionary income and love pancakes.  Hate or $ ? My money’s on money.

Children should not be exposed to the open expression of sexual behavior by female sexual queers in public. It should be a crime.

And, to the manager of that IHOP, a question. What are you going to do when some young white mother is holding her african american son or daughters hand in your store and some other bigot complains about “open displays of public affection”. Why don’t you grow some guts instead and tell that bigot that there is no law against two people, regardless of their sex kissing one another. And do you know why you should tell those bigots off and NOT let them tell you how to runoff customers, because next time it will be you, out in some store somewhere that they complain about to some other manager because you are different somehow.

Congrdulations IHOP. I will be using IHOP more now that I know they had the guts to stand up for what I believe in as well. I have no appology in saying that I hate gays and lesbians. I am carefull in the showing of affection when I am in public and “they” seem to flaunt it.

holy cow, i am completely grossed out by some of the ridiculously idiotic comments to this illuminating piece. i imagine that some of these ignorant fools, while pleased with themselves for finally learning to put together a grammatically correct sentence, were the same ones to get all in a tizzy when (gasp!) interracial couples were allowed to marry, or when (double gasp!) women were allowed to vote, or when (triple gasp!!) black men could use the same urinal as you. how can you not see, in 2007, when something is fair and when something, such as a piece of legislation or THE LACK THEREOF, clearly discriminates. i mean, seriously? you really think being fired from your job is okay JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE GAY? that there should be no recourse? should this ihop couple have eated at the “gay counter,” should they have entered through the “gay entrance?” should they have been forced to the back of the restaurant? you ignorant fools bring shame on you and your respective states, and personally, i hope that each and every one of your grandkids turns out to be queer and shuns you for your simple, ignorant minds.

Sorry, but I don’t want, as the MAJORITY doesn’t, for my 11 year old grandaughter to have to see this in a public place which whould help give her the indication that it is normal. Keep it private.

I’m sure all you “Christian” fascists wouldn’t erupt if a restaurant booted you out for being Christian.

You couldn’t pay me to go to another IHOP ever again. Ignorance has no place in 2007 society.

IHOP is in the wrong and I wholeheartedly support the kissin’ couple but I gotta say…This brings new meaning to “Rutti Tutti Fresh and Fruity”…. [Grin!]

But of course, I can’t leave without exposing the Rock Hard Gay Agenda™

You did the right thing IHOP! I am sick of the homo’s jamming their agenda down my throat! Now, if you could just kick Rosie off the T.V.

But it is the very lack of self-acceptance inherent in those who have acquired a homosexual lifestyle, that compels many of them to try forcing acceptance down everyone else’s throat. Hence the open displays of affection, and the assumed stereotypical affectations (men with exaggerated lisps, women with butch hairdos and apparel, etc.)

What happens behind closed doors … but I am tired of having Gay /Lesbians agenda shoved down my throat. The media has a similar agenda… about time the silent majority took a stand… hear hear for IHOP mangement.

So – now we have to FORCE our kids to watch queers put on Public Displays of Affection? Here’s another example of the LIBERALS not looking for equality – but looking to FORCE THIER VIEWS DOWN OUR THROATS. RIGHT IS RIGHT AND WRONG IS WRONG. Why can’t people understand this?

Gays and Lesbians seem to have a tendency to shove this kind of behavior down your throat then trivelize it when challenged. They are selvish people who could care less about the values and beliefs of others.

this is typical of the Gay community. They try to be in your face with their destructive behavior hoping for a reaction so they can get legislation passed making them the victim. The true victims in this are the families and people working at IHOP that had to watch this immoral behavior. I eat at IHOP several times a year and have never felt the need to display affection for my wife over a stack of flap jacks. Keep you private life private so as not to offend or be offended. I for one am sick and tired of people trying to shove their offensive behavior down my throat because they have some percieved notion it is their right to do so.

Thank you IHOP. There isn’t anthing normal in this behavior regardless of the Liberl media’s attempt cram it down our throats..Enough, already!

About time a company with no PC in it and has some intestinal fortitude took a stand! We as a nation are getting so called alternative lifestyle shoved down our throat! I think people are getting fed up with it and I say it is about time!

If some religious organization was trying to influence publicly or even privately a “gay” people and they were offended because it was not their denomination or whatever and felt like it was being shoved down their throats. Would this religious organization say to them, too bad, were complaining, ur discriminating against us, and were gonna keep at it until were accepted by you. Think they might not like it either.

Can’t the gays just understand that it is not wanted and it will never be accepted by the whole, no matter how hard you try and shove it down our throats

This is the typical liberal pantload of a sob story we’re all getting sick of. I’m about as right wing as is possible and I don’t give a rats #### what gays or anyone else does in private or how they live their lives just quit cramming it down our throats!! First it was don’t attack me if I come out of the closet, then its accept my choice (your sexuality may not be a choice but acting on it is, or do we have to start accepting pedophiles sexuality too, oh wait, thats next on your agenda right?)  [Enough shoving, get to ramming!]

I don’t care what kind of kiss it was. We have a responsibility not only to others, but to our children as well. I agree with the majority of the comments about why we continue to have special interest groups rights shoved down our throats. What ever happened to the majority? What happened to our rights? Don’t I have a right to say you can’t do that in public anymore than you say you can? Nobody wins in the end. All of this is about choices not something you were born with…

STOP YOUR WHINING. We are getting sick of you gays and lesbians screaming, whinging, crying, protesting about your rights. Heterosexuals have rights too! The right to not have your ways shoved down our throats until we vomit. STOP ALREADY!!! According to Blair, she wasn’t asked to leave because she was ####; she was asked to leave because of inappropriate behaviour for a family setting. GET OVER YOURSELF!  [Til you vomit?  Now that’s some length…]

It’a about time we start standing up and saying no to those who are trying to ram their non-values down our throats!  [Enough cramming, get to ramming!] 

I don’t hate anyone. I don’t wish anyone harm, but I am sick of having the gay issues forced and shoved down our throats!!! It’s there and we have to accept it. We have rights too. You say it is a free country, well our freedom is being violated by being forced to accept something we don’t want to.  I believe gay people do need psychological help. I don’t mean that in a bad way. The people that say they don’t are gay, and like their lifestyle, don’t want to change, so won’t seek help.  I do believe God loves us all though, no matter what.  [Even the small-minded hateful bigots]

I think IHOP was right to ask them to leave. I am tired of gays and lesbians complaining about thier rights. I have a right NOT to have their life style shoved in my face and down my throat! Besides, if it were a man and a woman doing kissing, I would be offended also. There is a time and a place for everything, and IHOP is for eating. I am tired of “The minority rules.” It’s time we got back to good ole fashion morals.  [Face, throat, sometimes we miss…]

Mr. Hendricks is one of the those enlightened souls who would cure country rubes of their morays. His embrace of decadance may have been inateresting forty years ago, but now everybody is rubbing alternate lives styles in our faces, everyday. It’s all a bore. Let’s get things back in their proper context. He mistakes experimentation for things that will last. He forgets that internal decay precedes foreign invaders.  [Rubbing it in your face is a nice change of pace.  Throats — and jaws — get tired.]

I’m sick of gays thrusting there lifestyle on me. I really don’t care what you people do, but stop crying to media every time you get your feelings hurt, its getting old.  [Well, all that thrusting and you’re likely to get some on you.]

For those keeping score, I went through 650 comments on that site, and dredged up 18 references to shoving/cramming/ramming “it” down a throat or rubbing it in a face.  That’s a Rock Hard Gay Agenda™ 2.77% integration rate — not good enough, people!  Get to shovin’!

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