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While the GOP has been the haven of bigots and has dedicated the last 15 years or so to demonize and legislate against LGBT citizens, the Democratic party has held itself out as the party of civil rights. “Elect us,” they say, “and your rights will be protected. Just be patient.”

And we have been. There’s no doubt that the turnover of Congress to Dems means the era of unrelenting attacks on the community has passed, but there are troubling signs that the party will continue to support candidates who are anti-gay just because they have a (D) after their name. Check out this article at Gay People’s Chronicle, “Some Democrats knock national party on LGBT issues.” It’s an eye-opening account of what is terribly wrong with the Democratic party when it comes to its ATM/doormat LGBT constituency:

* the party continues to court the anti-gay evangelical vote (Dean spokesperson Damien LaVera: “We have extended outreach to everyone,” said adding that “everyone” includes “faith-based voters who agree with us if they hear our message” even if they are anti-gay.”)

* The DNC doesn’t want to talk about its support of homobigot DINO Harold Ford, where a lot of money was poured into his U.S. Senate race in Tennessee – after his loss, he went on to head the DLC and recently joined Faux News as a talking head. (“I’m not going to talk about Tennessee,” said LaVera. “I’m only going to talk about forward-looking stuff.”)

* Unfortunately , LeVera didn’t want to talk to GPC about a race this year either — and the DNC’s support of forced-birth advocate and anti-gay Dem Arthur Eaves, who is running against Republican Haley Barbour in the Mississippi for governor. Eaves is also for prayer in schools.

Is supporting a candidate like Eaves something that should make LGBT folks feel warm and fuzzy and open their wallets? Are we to expect more of the same?

Paul Yandura, former Clinton administration official (and Dem fundraiser) had this to say:

The race is seen by most pundits as a litmus test of the Democratic Party’s willingness to woo social conservatives into the fold. LaVera claimed not to know anything about it. Yandura said that races like the Mississippi race and Dean’s commitment to electing Democrats in all 50 states regardless of their positions on issues is the reason why LGBT Democrats need to be careful with their money.

Not all Democrats are LGBT friendly,” Yandura said, “and money to the DNC can hurt our interests.”

…”If your goal is simply to elect Democrats, then give to the Democratic National Committee. But if your goal is to make the Democratic Party better on LGBT issues, then your money should go to supportive state parties and independent LGBT groups like the Stonewall Democrats.”

That’s right. Give wisely, know your candidates.

Quite a few Blenders have noted that when you go over to the DNC web site message boards that you “clear the room” if you bring up equality issues. I guess it’s no surprise that no one wants to talk  about the 800-lb gay gorilla in the room.

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Pam Spaulding