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Southern Baptist military chaplain goes to the clink for adultery, death threats

The hat tip on this goes to Blenders Donnie and Joel; the latter said “This article, especially in light of General Pace’s recent rant on morals, is a double dose of hypocrisy.  We get a Baptist minister and the military!”

Army judge sentences Southern Baptist minister to 5 months in wild case

What a randy, nasty hypocrite he is, all right:

Capt. John Lau – a Southern Baptist minister described by the mistress as a manipulative sadist – was tried by a military judge who also ordered him dismissed from the Army with all pay and allowances forfeited.

Lau, 50, admitted he threatened to hunt down and kill Amanda Tyler, a 34-year-old British woman he met in 2004 while stationed in England, brought to the United States and “married” during a mock ceremony last year at Niagara Falls.

…”My wife and I were in a lull in our relationship and looking for something to spice up our sexual relations,” the ordained Southern Baptist minister said during the proceeding.

Hmmm. Monogamy much? I don’t think this sounds like the Southern Baptists that are kicking gays out of the church, and publicly fighting to “protect marriage” from the homos?

The next bit is over the top. I wonder what the man’s sermons were like?

Tyler, however, told The Watertown Daily Times that Lau was a sexual sadist and expert manipulator who lured her into a relationship with promises of emotional stability and a life in the United States.

…Lau said the three had sexual relations, which he described as consensual but which Tyler described as occurring “under duress.”

The price for objections is severe. If you object, you pay because he’s ‘The Master,'” she told the newspaper.

At one point, Tyler said, Lau said she should become a prostitute to help pay her tuition.


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