Slap Fight!

The Egg Man and Our Lady of the Internment Camps in a steel cage bitch fight:

A Hot Air commenter mentioned this last week: It seems Matt Drudge–Internet pioneer, New Media godfather, and tech entrepreneur–has a grudge against little ol’ Hot Air. He made some bizarre, disparaging remarks attacking this site and me on his radio show last weekend.


Just ugh. The things I want to say right now. But we’ve got an FCC. The things I want to say. Maybe we’ll do, uh, uh, a commentary on the Internet like Michelle Malkin. Maybe I’ll stand in front of like a blue screen and hold a banana and start talking into the Internets. (Sneering tone) ‘This is Matt Drudge reporting on Hot Air.’ Agggh. You know. It’s ridiculous. Looks like, you know, Captain Kangaroo time, Michelle. Get real.

“Get real?” Got whine?

We at Hot Air certainly don’t have the resources to look like the slicksters at CNN or the dinosaur networks. We don’t have multi-million dollar sets, graphics, and wardrobes like Katie Couric. We put substance first over bells and whistles. (You would think someone with a website design circa 1980 might appreciate our priorities.) That said, folks in the broadcast industry have had nice words about our production values and I’m proud of what our team has accomplished in less than a year. In fact, we’ve had broadcast network engineers and producers ask us how we do it.

I’m sure they do.

Personally I’m a big fan of her earlier work

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