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The Comments from Largo

I’ve just recently found this delightful blog community, and I’m just itching to join in the fun.  If my post steps out of line or breaks some rule, please do let me know. 

I have another blog, called “Transgender Workplace Diversity” on Blogger, at http://jweissdiary.b… but that’s supposed to be serious and nonthreatening.  It’s subtitled “Law and Policy Issues for HR and Diversity Managers,” and it’s syndicated by Newstex and LexisNexis, and that crowd is not tuning in to hear my random musings. Here, I see, there’s no limit on fabulousness, so I can relax and let loose. 

For my first diary entry, I’m going to reprint some of the choicer comments found at yesterday’s St. Petersburg Times article about Steve Stanton.  It really tells a lot about what we’ll probably be hearing from the Commissioners.The article to which these comments apply reviews criticisms of his communications plan. Some City Commissioners and members of the public criticized Stanton’s decision to form a “transition group” to help formulate his plan, thus leaving others out of the loop, including City Commissioners (gasp!), staffers and the citizens of Largo.  In other words, the Stanton firing is not because he’s transgendered, but because his failure to disclose earlier constituted deception and fraud.  It’s an interesting argument – that it’s not the coming out that is the problem, but that you didn’t do it sooner.  (See my post at “Transgender Workplace Diversity,” http://jweissdiary.b… analyzing Stanton’s transition plan.)

There are comments on the story page, and more at http://www.itsyourti…  It’s fascinating to see the kind of thinking that goes on outside my rainbow-colored bubble.  It’s also crucial, because these are clear indications of what people really believe out there.  I mean, keep in mind that the good citizens of Largo are not, by and large, deep thinkers who’ve given years to the study of these things.  They’re doing the best they can to figure out controversial issues that have never come close to touching most of their lives.  Can you expect them to have this all correctly analyzed and processed in a couple of weeks?  By reading these comments carefully, one can begin to see what kind of response is needed.  But if you reject them all out of hand as “bigots,” there’s no chance of creating effective counterarguments.

I’ve arranged them into six subject categories.

CATEGORY 1: He’s mentally ill or a freak

by bay  03/16/07 08:54 AM 



by Sean  03/16/07 09:40 AM 
Kate, this is not about sex, gender, or race. This is about a govt. leader that is now showing mental illness with the news of being a transgender.

He also was not considered a good manager by many of Largo’s residents before this went public. 

by Telly  03/16/07 01:14 PM 
Jourdan: People with mental illnesses can be and often times are intelligent. Some with mental illnesses do hold high power jobs such as City
Manager. In addition, often, they are protected from being fired by the Disability Discrimination Act. 

No Brains!
Submitted by Perplexed tax payer on Wed, 2007-03-14 21:17.
He/she may have a brain, but i think it’s his/her mind that is lost. If one prefers to walk on the wild side,then one should do so without all the
attention of a carnival sideshow. Steve/Susan should not expect acceptance as the norm, cause it’s not. Sorry. If your open toe pump fits, I guess YOU have to wear it Susan/Steve. Just don’t expect everyone else to see fit to placate you, because of your decision.

What Would Norman Bates Do?
Submitted by Mayor of Moronia on Thu, 2007-03-15 09:05.
It finally hit me that La Stanton reminds me of ‘Psycho’s’ Norman Bates.

La Stanton Redux
Submitted by Mayor of Moronia on Sun, 2007-03-11 08:10.
…But his “Susan” persona is no more real than if he claimed to have a “Godzilla” persona and came to work dressed in the Tokyo Monster’s
costume. If Stanton started thinking he was Black, and began acting the part, he’d be ridiculed out of town. I know White people who try it, and they cant pull it off. I imagine Stanton will always come across as what he is: A guy wearing women’s clothes. Your average Joe wont be fooled, and will laugh at Stanton. Most people will conclude Stanton is a carnival freak, and treat him as one.

Who Knew!
Submitted by Mayor of Moronia on Sat, 2007-03-03 13:18.
Robert! Who knew that women were little more than men minus a sexual appendage! plus make-up and tah-tahs….Nature isnt fooled with semantics. La Stanton will get 5 o’clock shadow without the chemicals. He cant menstruate. He cant conceive. And fuggedduhbout PMS. He has zero experience as a female. He’s never struggled with the world as women do. And in the eyes of most people, in most cultures, he’ll be perceived for what he is…a pathetic carnival freak. In most places he’d be chased away with a broom.

Here’s a thought…
Submitted by melis on Tue, 2007-02-27 20:37.
….Who knows what kind of person those hormone pills will make him/her….I’m disgusted by it, and if you don’t like it tough…What a dark
depressing household that must have been for quite some time. And you even resort to saying “your child is thrilled” a little bit of over kill don’t ya think? But kudos to ya for sticking it out. You did say in sickness and in health, and if that aint sick I don’t know what is.

CATEGORY 2: He’s deceptive

by Max  03/16/07 07:26 AM 
He plan to not talk to the 5 that want him fired if he stays. Black saw thru him, wanted him gone before… This episode brought the other 4 along.
See U tell your bosses this first not second to last. Sneaky Stanton be gone. Goodluck w/the TS life. 

by Paul  03/16/07 07:23 AM 
He knew of his condition since childhood yet married & had a child to deceive the public and get elected. He then said he would accept whatever decision the board made.This guy proved multiple times he is a LIAR.I hope the re-vote is 7-0 to FIRE him. 

by TOM  03/16/07 10:31 AM 
Still the fact is that he hid his condition when he applied for the job. 

by James  03/16/07 11:46 AM 
What a diruption this man created and what a disruption it will continue to creat. If, he has the respect for his job as to that of his mother, as he indicated, then he should walk. He should search within his heart,to how much respect he will have. 

La Stanton Trivializes Real Women.
Submitted by Mayor of Moronia on Sun, 2007-03-04 16:04.
La Stanton trivializes real women. There are real world consequences for being female. So, Stanton is immune to those consequences, and has never paid his dues, so to speak. He shows up 48 years later, demanding the medals and citations but contributed nothing and was never inconvenienced or troubled for a single moment. Add to this the fraud he inflicted on his wife and kid. And after the surgeons are done with him and he’s painted and decked out in his new duds, he’ll still be a male. He hurts truth.

CATEGORY 3: He’s a bad manager

by Kathy  03/16/07 02:22 PM 
If NONE of you worked with him, you have no idea what he’s really like as a City Manager. His firing has nothing to do with whether he wants to be a woman or an armadillo. All lies and no trust – THAT’s the issue. 

Submitted by Perplexed tax payer on Sun, 2007-03-04 19:35.
Reading saturdays story about the survey, I read where Commissioner Harriet Crozier said she had problems with how Stanton treated employees. Was it rudely, disrespectfully? Should Mr/Mrs Stanton now expect preferential treatment because of the choice taken?

Commissioner Crozier goes on to say about working with him/her behind the scenes, and not wanting this kind of City Manager. Sounds to me like theres more that should have been divulged as to Mr/Mrs Stantons character and personality. To treat employees and quite possibly city denizens poorly, is no excuse regardless of gender. Mr/Mrs Stanton deserves no pity,sympathy or empathy, when none is rendered to others.

CATEGORY 4: Biblical violation

Submitted by SmokeyTownson on Mon, 2007-02-26 21:44.
True. There are consequences to EVERY decision we make.
Sometimes the children suffer as well. It’s all part of the curse!
Be ye not a Heathan, peruse a few of these tidbits from:Gen.1:27, 1 Cor 11:12(Gender Created), Gen.4:1 (Gender Identified from
birth)Psa.139:13-16 (God knows Gender before birth), Deut. 22:5;1Cor.11:14
(Gender differences to be honored and maintained, 1 Cor. 11:3 (Gender roles defined by God; all to honor, 1 Pet. 4:1-3; 1:13-16 (People can
change their hearts to conform their lives to holy living) And…
Rom.1:26-27 (9:20-21, Rom. 1:24, Jas 1:13-15, Rom.13:11-14…
I’m far from a “Bible Thumper”, but couldn’t resist the challenge. Therefore Thank You for giving me the opportunity of checking it out for myself!

Now. of course if none of you’al are Christians….so be it and may God have Mercy of you 🙂

Category 5: Violation of social norms

by Fred  03/16/07 06:22 AM 
Huge difference between Govt positons that represent the people and those in the private sector. One big difference is that private companies don’t have to listen to the community or public. Govt has to reflect the people’s choices and views. 

Pretend Women.
Submitted by Mayor of Moronia on Sun, 2007-03-04 17:09.
…Standards are social glue that keep anarchists under control and preserve the social union… When a society is forced to accept and endure all the permuations and combinations of how people can be, and some people can be monsters, then no one has any security. La Stanton is being reminded of wherethe lines are, and cautioned to stay within the lines.

by mike  03/16/07 07:45 PM 
Enough with this story already. One gets tired of having the homosexual agenda shoved down people’s throat by the media all the time. It would
be nice to see an interview with some of the Largo commisioners who voted to fire him to get their side. 

Standards of Society
Submitted by Pickin Bones on Sun, 2007-03-11 03:35.
….Since when did it become society’s problem to “accept” these deviants and make a place for them at the table? … Keep your sex life to
yourself. It is NOT a lifestyle, it is a sex act and our children are better off not witnessing this perversion….These people, who essentially are freaks of nature, should stop trying to change society to make themselves seem less odd. They ARE odd, society does not need to change to
accommodate THEM. Nature makes male and female of all species, and if someone is confused about themselves, get therapy!…

Homosexuality is DISGUSTING, GROSS, ABNORMAL; I prefer to NEVER be in the company of any of these perverts, even if they are a doctor. I go out of my way to avoid them, I only wish they would do the same.

The Facts.
Submitted by Mayor of Moronia on Sun, 2007-03-11 18:48.
A thousand years from now, if Steve La Stanton’s remains are studied by anthropolgists, they’ll correctly conclude he was a male. If he’s
murdered and buried in an orange grove somewhere, the medical examiner will reach the same conclusion.

Category 6: Liberals are the haters, not us

by Sam  03/16/07 02:33 PM 
It does not mean you hate Steve if you don’t accept his condition as being OK. You are not a bigot if you don’t accept his condition as being
healthy. There seems to be HATE in the heart of people who don’t accept other’s opinions. 

Tiara, Wand, and Ruby Slippers.
I’m Sorry
Submitted by melis on Fri, 2007-03-16 10:40.
But you’re the one who sounds all bent out of shape. I’m merely expressing my opinion here…And because we’re not “absorbing” your opinion, your getting increasingly angry and calling us things like “thumping” and “neanderthals”….I just find it funny that your preaching tolerance and acceptance with intolerance and unacceptance….Quit being a hateful bigot to people you think are “hateful” and “biggoted.”… And answer me this, If Stanton wants to wear a dress, why is that ok, but if I wanted to be a thumping Jesus freak, that’s not ok. Stanton’s wearing a dress is him speaking volumes of his lifestyle, why can’t I speak volumes of my lifestyle with my mouth, or maybe you would like it better if I walked around in a
“Jesus” robe)

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