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Presidential candidate in aisle 2 at Durham Target

[I don’t even know if the aisles are numbered in Target, but it made a nice headline.]

I woke up feeling really punky, with abdominal pain and generally out of it, but I got myself together and Kate and I headed out to the Target at Southpoint here in Durham, NC this AM.

We needed to get some travel-size bottles for our trip next weekend (to DC for the SLDN national dinner, which I’m live blogging) and were looking them over and lo and behold, coming down the aisle on a cell phone is none other than presidential candidate and former NC Senator John Edwards.

In a half daze from fatigue, I lean over to Kate and say, “yep, it’s John Edwards.”

Of course I have a hundred questions bouncing around in my feeble brain that I want to ask him, and perhaps thank him for an out-of-the-box, direct “homosexuality is not immoral” response raised by Gen. Pace’s recent comments about gays in the military and DADT, but all I can think of is going back to bed.

My mind is not functioning well enough this AM to multitask, so I go back to futzing with the bottles in the display, peeved that there I only see 4oz bottles and we need 3 oz or less to comply with the inane TSA gel/liquid max in your quart-sized baggie.

A short time later, Elizabeth Edwards comes by with the shopping cart with the two little ones (Jack and Emma Claire, I believe), who are playing in the aisle, with John gently urging them to behave. Kate and I simply smiled and let them go about their business. I’ve met both of them once before at a blogger dinner in Chapel Hill, but it’s highly unlikely they’d remember me. Besides, I looked like ass this morning, and felt even worse.

They continue down the aisle and head toward the food section (it’s a SuperTarget), and later we run into the little ones again while over in the electronics section looking for an SD card for my camera. Eventually I see John and Elizabeth again, ringing up a few registers down from one that Kate and I are checking out at, and then they leave the store.

Anyway, I feel for Sen. Edwards — there was no need to bother him. He was enjoying what has to be one of very few days of sanity he’s going to have over the next year or so. He deserves to go shopping with his family like your average Joe, and savor the more mundane facets of life for a moment when he’s not on the campaign trail.

I was glad to see that the patrons in the store (it wasn’t all that crowded), either didn’t recognize the Edwards family or did as I did, just gave them space to enjoy a Saturday shopping in peace.

It was just nice to see them just being average people, not dressed up with somewhere to go.

So if anyone in the Edwards camp is reading this, just let John and Elizabeth know that Kate and I say hi, and thanks for shopping in the neighborhood.

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Pam Spaulding