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Valerie Plame Wilson, Part III


Valerie Plame Wilson:  "I cannot begin to speculate on what Karl Rove's intentions were."

And FYI, there is a memo written by the CPD officer that contradicts the Senate Committee Report's conclusions on the mission to Niger, and Waxman will be asking for that memo.

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11:33 am ET: 

Chris Van Hollen (hey Chris, call Howie Klein!): going after Bush's promise to dump leakers. Rove still has a security clearance, says Valerie. The Gooper congresscritters (both of them) are looking down and to the side.

11:46 am ET:

Sarbanes describing administration as "bullies." "Arrogance of power run amok." He's not really asking good questions, though. He's really just trying to frame what the whole fact of the leak means, but he's covering ground already covered.

Huckleberry Westmoreland to summarize before Valerie is done. Going back to the decision to send Joe to Niger. What, at this point, Congressman, does this have to do with the fucking leak? Ladies and gentlemen, this is why only two winger congresscritters showed up: they got nothin'. Valerie is being very patient with him.

11:56 am ET:

SHOCKING REVELATION: Valerie admits she and Joe are Democrats. Ok, wingers, let's play the credibility game in public. Who has been proven right and who has been proven wrong every step of the way, here? Do you really want to hang on the credibility of Bush and Cheney? Bring it on.

Ms. Holmes Norton to wrap up for the majority:

Valerie answers that she was working on investigation of Iraq WMD. Holmes Norton getting to the effects of the outing of a covert operative. Possible death of an agent and of others connected to the agent.

12:05 PM ET:

Waxman: facts are not partisan. Joe exposed the false claims. They attacked him and made you collateral damage. Hearing to learn if leakers knew Plame was covert. Serious national security breach. Wilson was proven right, Bush admits 16 SOTU was wrong. A war that did not have to be fought. Valerie about to be excused, and I wish I could stand and applaud. Davi$ lying, saying CIA approved 16 words.


There will be a fresh thread beginning with the new panel in a few minutes.

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