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Valerie Plame Wilson, Part II


Valerie Plame was covert.  

Like, Duh!

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11:14 am ET:

Westmoreland going for opening comedy, auditioning to be the next Huckleberry Graham. But, is he a Paul Linde bachelor like Graham?

Huckleberry Westmoreland fishing to see if Valerie was sloppy with her own secret status, ad going after Joe. As we say in the fishing world, he's getting skunked. Sorry, Redstate! Sorry, LittleGreenRacists!

Kucinich covering groud that seems a little scattered. Sorry Kucinich fans. He is asking questions to suggest a conscious plan from the White House, almost to say (but not quite) "conspiracy."

11:19 am ET:

Ms. Watson getting some things nailed down for the record. More headaches for Byron York, who's in The Corner going "La la la I can't hear you!" Okay, he's actually staring down intently at his laptop, hiding from Marcy, but still. . .

11:25 am ET:

Mr. Lynch, sounding very New England. . . I want to hear him say, "Can't get theyah from heyah." But I digress.

This chart the Dem side keeps working off is nicely done. Lynch doing preamble. Getting to the CIA' decision making process to send Joe to Niger.


Did everyone get that? Valerie is now telling the full story of the way Joe was selected to investigate the yellowcake rumors. This needs to be recorded and saved in video, fer shur.

Fresh thread for continued testimony from Valerie Plame Wilson.

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