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They’re Scared


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Say, wasn't it just last week when the wingnuts were all squawking about "no underlying crime"? Then why are they so damn scared of further scrutiny into the Plame leak? 

Earlier this week, one of DOJ's political hacks mysteriously showed up on Patrick Fitzgerald's correspondence. 

Based upon consultation with the Department of Justice, I have been advised of its long-standing policy of declining to provide non-public information about pending law enforcement matters, including briefings. 

cc: Richard A. Hertling 

And then there's the fact that Tom Davis, the ranking Minority member on Waxman's committee, is trying to shut down the hearing today out of concerns for national security.  

Committee sources said on Wednesday there have been negotiations with the CIA over ground rules for the questions that Plame can – and cannot – be asked. And with those talks still ongoing, Virginia Rep. Tom Davis, the committee's ranking Republican, has threatened to call for a closed hearing if an agreement isn't reached by Friday.

"It would be with great reluctance, but we have to protect confidential information," Davis told The Politico.

Hmm. You think maybe they don't want Plame to explain about how she really was covert and how she really was preventing the proliferation of the kinds of weapons the Administration likes to use to drum up wars? 

FWIW, last I heard Davis was still going to try this stunt — but not before Waxman gets up and explains in language that even Republicans can understand that he did speak to the CIA.

Face it. They're scared. And all the bravado from the right won't hide how desperately they're trying to make the Scooter Libby Fall Guy plan really work.

I say it's time to ratchet up the heat on these guys, what do you say?

UPDATE from Pach in the hearing room (9:54 am ET)

Room getting crowded.  Mood tense, expectant.  The art curator dismissed juror just came in to sit in the public seats.

10:01 am ET: 

Joe DiGenova just arrived.  Byron York greeted him.  Byron wears sensible shoes.

10:06 am ET:

Room just quieted a little.  Not sure why.  Some mic testing, but . .. ok here we go.  They just shushed everyone.  Hodes is at his committee seat.  Cummings too.  We start any minute now, but Valerie's not in here yet.

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