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Malcontent's March Gayness: battle of the blogs

For those of you not into NCAA March Madness (that would be me), you have a chance to participate in righty gay blogger The Malcontent‘s  March Gayness 2007, a 64-blog, bracketed competition to “determine who will emerge the top of the blogger heap.”

I’ll let him explain:

The 64 blogs who made it to “The Dance” were in no way selected objectively. I chose blogs based on prominence and their representation of the gay experience. However, I eliminated blogs that focus primarily on gossip or porn, or which generally have a surfeit of corporate/organized backing. The choices aren’t perfect, but you’re stuck with them ? at least until 2008.

Also, unlike NCAA basketball, our bracket was not seeded, based on the relative strength and weakness of opponents. Teams were placed completely randomly on the bracket, so any oddities in match-ups are a complete coincidence.

The Blend is bracketed off to battle Outsports (gee what a strange pairing; we don’t stand a chance on that one), with the winner of that match facing off the match up of Pretty Boys’ Club and Meet Justin.

Vote here. Have fun.

Other interesting pairings: Queer Sighted v. Ex-Gay Watch, Gay Patriot v. Andrew Sullivan, The Republic of T v. Joe.My.God.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding