Steve Stanton, the Largo, Florida city manager who was fired after he let the city’s commissioners know that he was going to transition MTF, was on HRC’s The Agenda with Joe Solmonese satellite radio show this Monday.

The audio is here (sorry, no transcript).

Below is my interview from last weekend with Nadine Smith of Equality Florida, who was arrested for handing out anti-discrimination flyers at that Largo City Commission meeting where it voted to dismiss Stanton.

She discusses what it felt like in that room when the fire and brimstone crowd came to condemn Stanton at the hearing.

UPDATE: Dr. Jillian T. Weiss, of  the blog Transgender Workplace Diversity, discusses the transition plan Stanton laid out but didn’t get to put in motion when the commission fired him (St. Pete Times):

Stanton sketched out an eight-page plan. It included a detailed schedule, a public education campaign and a media strategy, culminating on June 25, when Susan Stanton would report for work.

Generally, it was an “excellent communications plan,” said Jillian Todd Weiss, assistant professor of law and society at Ramapo College of New Jersey, who specializes in corporate transgender policies.

Stanton expected success would depend on five things:
– Mayor Pat Gerard’s support.
– The human resource director’s ability to prepare employees.
– The willingness of the police and fire chiefs to convey their belief in him as a leader.
– Former City Commissioner Pat Burke’s ability to develop a community support network.
– Stanton’s own ability to show that he would not be distracted from his duties.

Surf over to Weiss’s blog for a great outline of what should constitute a “best practice” gender transition plan for organizations.

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