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ACT UP pic of the AM

From coverage of yesterday’s ACT UP rally. The protest, led by activist Larry Kramer, was held at the U.S. Military Recruiting Center at Times Square, with marchers calling for the immediate resignation of General Peter Pace. I’m sure there will be more soon.

Andrés@ Blabbeando has a series of excellent pics (including the one below of Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum and Matt Foreman being placed under arrest).

With home made-signs that read “Being gay is not immoral, being bigoted is,” “Torture is Immoral, Love is Fabulous,” “Pace = Hate,” and “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, General Pace Go to Hell,” a lively and lovely crowd of about 200 to 250 people showed up to the protest following Larry Kramer’s call to arms on Tuesday.

…Rainbow flag creator Gilbert Baker brought along a 100 foot flag that participants used to frame the protest and surround the recruitment center.

This was the same flag that Matt Foreman and Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum used at the end of the protest to stop traffic in an act of civil disobedience as they extended it across 7th Avenue. Mr. Foreman and Rabbi Kleinbaum were first warned by police officers and then quickly arrested after they sat down and would not budge.

If you have links or pix, send them in.

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