Blame Plame Game For The Lame

I’ve been popping around the tightey-rightie blogs looking for the stupidest comment I could find, but they all seem to be various versions of of pointing out that Valerie Plame was photographed for Vanity Fair, although it seems to be above their pay grade to admit that the article and picture came after the outing. I’m guessing that, now that conservatives have disproved global warming, they’re getting pretty cocky about taking on the questionable concept of “time”.

It comes as no surprise that our winner, Dan Riehl, took a little time out from hating on brown people to accuse Valerie Plame of being a whore and Joseph Wilson of being an aspiring transexual who beats his wife:

When I first saw that Valerie Plame felt she was “recklessly abused,” I wasn’t sure if the media whore was talking about some DC john who copped her number from Vanity Fair and didn’t leave a tip, or if she was referring to treatment at the hands of husband Joe Wilson. I mean, there’s a guy with I want to be a woman so bad, I’m going to beat the crap out of one written all over him, if you ask me.

I look forward to Mr. Riehl’s next appearance on Reliable Sources to talk about the limits of discourse.

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