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The “Radical” Russ Show is on the air!

*The “Radical” Russ Show* is on the air!
Sunday, March 18, 7pm-10pm (Pacific) – AM 620 KPOJ, Portland, Oregon
Call in LIVE at 1-800-557-7377 – Progressive Talk from the Radical Left
Available via online streaming at
More information available at
(Temporary website address – use after April 7th)

BACKGROUND:  Hi, I’m “Radical”* Russ Belville, the third most famous** graduate of Nampa High School in Nampa, Idaho.  After graduation, I spent two decades working toward many different degrees at the University of Reality, School of Hard Knocks.

Most of all, I’m just an average guy working hard to make ends meet in George W. Bush’s America.  Paycheck-to-paycheck, driving a used car, choosing between groceries and health insurance, and wondering what happened to the America our high school textbooks taught us about.  I’m no blow-dried****, over coached, politically-correct, egghead policy wonk — I’m just a proud American citizen like you with a huge interest in news and politics.

Now I have the opportunity to offer my unique perspective and irreverent humor to the nation’s political discourse.  In October of 2006, I entered a contest called The Search for the Next Great Progressive Talk Star.  The contest was essentially a nationwide talent search sponsored by the liberal think-tank, the Center for American Progress, and the Jones Radio Network, home of progressive talk stars Ed “Big Eddie” Schultz, Bill Press, and Stephanie Miller.  Over 500 contestants entered at local progressive talk stations around the country and I was the eventual winner of the live finals in Washington, DC.

This Sunday’s show is a preliminary show leading up to the nationwide debut of The “Radical” Russ Show on the Jones Radio Network, on the weekend of April 7th.  Participating radio stations and the final weekday and time for the show are still being determined, so visit for the latest updates.  I encourage everyone to call in to the show if the spirit moves you, but please, refrain from admitting that you know me personally or engaging in personal chat, since we will be using cuts from these next few “beta” shows as demo material for our promotional package.


“Radical” Russ Belville
Host – The “Radical” Russ Show
Debuting April 7th – Weekends
on the Jones Radio Network

Stay tuned to for stations and airtimes…

* The “Radical” nickname comes from high school in the mid-1980’s (obviously).  There were many Russes that attended Nampa High — redhead Russ, wrestler Russ, nerd Russ — and I happened to be the Russ that was in a club called “The Radicals”.  Later, as my views became more and more progressive, the “Radical” moniker became more of a description of my politics when compared to the ultra-conservative landscape in Idaho.

** #2 would be my cousin, Rob Morris, #94, linebacker for the Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts.  #1 would be Renée Tenison, Playboy’s first African-American Playmate of the Year.  Unless there are other former NHS Bulldog alums who are famous but I didn’t know it… which makes me question
just how famous they are…

*** The greatest Green Bay Packers fan ever born in Idaho.  Au Gratin = potatoes and cheese… get it?

**** Don’t worry, I’m in recovery now.  I’ll leave the heavily medicated radio talk show host gig to Rush Limbaugh.

***** No, that’s not my wife.  She is an adult film star I snapped a pic with at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  My wife prefers me to be “Dolly Parton” (in the spotlight) and for her to be “Dolly Parton’s husband” (anonymous).  Do you know Dolly Parton’s husband’s name?  That’s exactly her point.  (It’s Carl Dean, by the way.)

****** No hair left to blow dry, anyway.

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